What is this proptech, CRE and coworking event in NYC on December 3rd?

There’s quite a lot of chatter around Global C3X, whose first event is positioned as a micro-conference / cross-sector forum / end of year recap and get together.

But.. wtf is Global C3X?! We hear you!

With so many coworking/CRE conferences, unconferences, getaways, coworkations, memberships and alliances, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

I caught up with Cheryl Roth, the influencer-whisperer and architect of Global C3X to get the dish on what and who to expect in NYC on the afternoon of the 3rd of December.

Hey Cheryl, thanks for taking the time to chat about Global C3X! I know how hectic things are leading up to your first event. Let’s start simple, what is Global C3X not? 

Hi Hector — thank you for the awesome spotlight on GLOBAL C3X! That’s a fabulous question and WTF is right!

We are trying to break from the typical format of a conference, summit, unconference and everything else you mentioned. We call it an event.

Instead of panels there are segments and instead of moderators there are hosts. We wanted it to be dynamic and fast paced — — we had referred to it as TED meets the MTV Awards. It’s also not one vertical or industry but a meeting of the minds and bringing together the cross-industries of Coworking, CRE, PropTech and Community Growth.

These industries are already colliding — opening up to the possibilities and opportunities will create more growth and success for everyone.

And, you’re right, Hector… first time event and loads of kinks to iron out (or maybe I need the kinks ironed out?) — this event on December 3 is turning out to be more of a taste of GLOBAL C3X due to a hiccup with our original venue so it’s a smaller yet meaningful soiree.

And what kind of people or sector influencers can attendees expect to hang out with?

Coworking/Flex Space, CRE, CRETech, PropTech, Community Growth, etc and Enterprise Experts , Influencers, Investors as well as Media — — we’ll be hanging with you, Hector ☺️; Lois Weiss, Real Estate Reporter, New York Post; Carsten Foertsch, Founder of Deskmag; Giovanni Palavicini, Flex Space & Real Estate Strategist; Dave Idell, Cofounder & CEO, Croissant; Lucia Diana, Global Real Estate, Verizon; Charlie Robinson, Sr VP US, Servcorp; Duke Long, Investor & Godfather of PropTech; Robin Fisher, Sr Managing Director, Newmark & Founder of BLACE (a very cool new flex space company) — and many more will be sharing and spotted at the event.

Kevin Steinberger, Program Director at Future Offices and Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine should be popping in too!

What about content? What topics will be discussed and what kind of presentation format are we expecting?

There will be a combination of cross-industry content and chatter — — thought provoking and conversation evolving topics going beyond complimentary coffee.

From The Evolution of Workspace, Retail Space & Real Estate to When CRE & Coworking Collide: The Benefits of the Broker/Coworking Relationship to Data Driven: How to Capture Data, What To Do With It, What We Can Learn From It.

There’s more to surface along with a couple of cool round table discussions with Lois Weiss as well as Real Estate/PropTech Godfathers, Duke Long & Sandy Jacolow. Also, the attendee chatter will be awesome — there are some amazing attendees that will be spotted at the event.

Oh! Something else it’s not… no power points. Just quick, dynamic conversations with great takeaways.

As for folks across the world who can’t fly into NYC for it this time, what can they look forward to from Global C3X?

It’s all too good to keep to ourselves. We are filming all of the conversations from the speakers as well as grabbing bites from the attendees to create fantastic, styled content that we’ll be sharing on Linkedin and Social. There will also be content from a host of cross-industry experts and influencers such as Alex Ahom (sought after speaker, founder of coworking space, Shhared, incredible Community whisperer and GLOBAL C3X Producer) and more.

Also incredibly exciting … the announcement of the first cross-industry survey that will be conducted by coworking industry veteran, Deskmag and CO (CO is the parent company of GLOBAL C3X) — we’ll be dropping more details around the event so stay tuned!

Thanks and I look forward to taking a seat at the numerous tables on the 3rd of December!

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