With 600+ coworking spaces sharing perks and benefits, what comes next?

Having supported hundreds of coworking communities and alliances around the world with launching, running, marketing, scaling and partnerships there are two things we’ve never been more certain of:

  • Coworking communities thrive when strategic offerings are coupled with true and tangible business value-adds.
  • Parallel sectors will continue to adapt and incorporate the wins from the coworking sector into the ways they create value.

As valuable as business benefits and discounts can be for members, we’ve heard time and time again about how hard and expensive it can get when building a benefits program in isolation. 

Operators may have to implement, run, track and manage numerous partnerships to build a great perks program. And that’s without worrying about the platform through which to distribute the deals.

Thanks to the trust of hundreds of passionate community leaders and an unwavering dedication to support both communities and their members, our turnkey perks technology has truly become “a workspace industry standard” for how communities manage their member benefits programs.

Today we’re excited to publicly introduce included Premium, which enables communities to further upgrade their perks and benefit programs with more tools, curation, analytics and revenue drivers.

You can learn more about included Premium here.
(🤫 Early-adopters get lifetime discounts too.)

The public launch of included Premium also coincides with the introduction of included for Freelancer Communities and included for Commercial Landlords.

Not only does this vastly increase the shared buying-power of the network, it also presents a whole new avenue of collaborative campaigns across the network.

If you’re already included, join the conversation in our private Facebook group. Otherwise take a moment to learn more about joining the global included.co network or reach out with any questions.

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