The Major Problem facing all coworking spaces and serviced offices

From even before I launched the very first version of what has become, I noticed a problem that was faced by almost every single coworking space and serviced office provider I came across.

The “Beautiful Islands” Problem

I’ve previously used an extended metaphor to try and drive the problem home, in it’s simplest form, using islands and tribes.

The Islands.

Let’s take a look at each and every coworking space or serviced office and understand that they’re all run with their customer’s comfort and convenience in mind. They work like beautiful little islands, each offering their permanent residents and visitors a great experience in their own unique way.

Having said that, there are obviously people who prefer different styles, attitudes and obligations, and can therefore jump around the islands until they either get sick of not finding what they want, or finding exactly what they need and settling in to focus on their trade.

The Tribes.

Each island has it’s fairly-permanent or resident teams or individuals. They form the ‘tribe’ of the island and directly affect the culture of the space. This is awesome, but that’s not what they’re there for, primarily.

They’re working on something that’s important to them. Be it a startup, a consultancy, a freelance-empire or just coding from somewhere arguably more comfy than their local coffee shop… this is why they are actually there.

The Problem.

Some islands offer as much support as they can, helping their tribes network and meet each other. Others put on events and parties, allowing the temporary mixing of ‘outsiders’ with their powerful tribe.

But there-in lies the issue. Other than pre-determined or externally-run events or meetups, there is no way for two tribe-members of different islands to efficiently find or realise the projects they could create; the clients they could serve together and the business relationships that could be built.

The tribes need a way to effectively and efficiently know who’s on each island, what their skills are and how to evaluate their reputation. It makes sense for the islands, the tribes and each local ecosystem as a whole.

Our Mission to Solve It.

It’s our core mission to continuously be building bridges between the 20+ lovely islands in our network (so far), connecting their passionate tribes and killing off this problem… one desk at a time.

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