UK coworking space members & operators launch #SaveOurLocalCoworking campaign.

The pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns have and still are wreaking havoc for local economies and for many many businesses.

Even in countries or regions where covid-related financial support has been made available, coworking spaces often find themselves stuck between eligible categories, or falling through the cracks between available grants, funding, loans or rates relief.

This usually comes down to coworking spaces being viewed purely as real-estate companies (or commercial landlords) by local councils and governments.

Ofcourse it can, has and should continue to be argued that coworking spaces are so much more than commercial real-estate arbitrage businesses.

We’ve heard, discussed and vented about this frustration with fellow coworking space operators, vendors and members during the numerous calls that have been coordinated by our friends at the UK and European Coworking Assemblies since the lockdown came into full effect in the UK.

This week, members and operators of coworking spaces across the UK have started an online campaign to petition for more support and to save local coworking.

You can get involved or get more information by signing up over at and by getting involved with the #SaveOurLocalCoworking hashtags on your favourite social networks.

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