Q4 2020 ProptechUpdate video

Hey, I’m Hector Kolonas, and each quarter I give coworking (software) companies a challenge to share what they’ve worked on, but also what they’re most excited about for the next quarter, in as close to 30 seconds as possible.

The idea started six quarters ago, in order to highlight both the technologies and the humans that support coworking around the world.

So here’s the final proptech update for a year for many has felt like it’s lasted a decade.

Here we go.

Cobot Q4 ProptechUpdate by Sam:

Hey there, my name is Sam and I’m here to bring a Cobot’s Q4 2020 proptechupdate.

At the beginning of the quarter, we launched a complete overhaul of our events feature. Now it’s easier than ever to run a paid and free events, whether they’re virtual or in person. It includes more sharing options and a brand new calendar view.

On top of that, we’ve paused our external bookings portal and our Google Calendar sync.

We also launched our new blog, head over to blog.cobot.me for a decade long archive of content and to check out the latest stories.

Wish you all a very happy new year and happy coworking.

Nexudus Q4 ProptechUpdate by Carmen:

Communication has been quite tough worldwide, and in order to make our customers feel a lot more engaged, we’ve developed a couple of new features within our members’ application.

Conversations are now real-time and behave more like a chat. A perks and discounts and FAQ’s section has been added.

We added a corporate single sign-on option for easier access.

For administrators, we have also developed a Gmail add-on, to enable users to add and upload new CRM entries to Nexudus directly from their inbox.

Thank you so much, take care!

officernd Q4 ProptechUpdate by Mike:

It’s Mike from officernd, and here’s a quick look at a few of the things we’ve been working on in Q4.

The team has continued to make updates on our new reception app, and operators can now accept deliveries at their front desk and notify members of a packages arrival.

In the mobile app, we’ve rebuilt the bottom navigation bar, and the order can now be customised based on your spaces needs.

On the web portal, we’ve revamped the member signup experience and made the process more visual on desktop and mobile.

Lastly, SSO support has been implemented for members and space operators. We’re looking forward to bringing many more improvements to the platform in 2021.

Thanks for watching and have a happy holidays.

included.co Q4 Update by Hector:

Let me start with a huge thanks to the 700+ coworking spaces, alliances and virtual business communities who trust included.co to help make your memberships even more valuable, especially throughout this turbulent year.

This quarter, we improved the load times of our member box widgets, we rebuilt the Profile Editor for workspace operators, and we tightened up our Syncaroo integration.

Alongside new Premium tools, and an upgraded hyperlocal perks module, you can also expect a whole new level of support for coworking alliances in the next quarter.

Thank you.

Workspace Geek Q4 ProptechUpdate by Eric:

Hi there, Eric from Workspace Geek here. I’m excited to announce that we are offering two new services to the coworking industry, website design and SEO consulting.

We will build you a high performing elegantly designed website from the ground up, and we can make sure your search ranking is great.

We’re also offering a new COVID special for workspace geek six months free with half price setup fees.

In addition, our kiosk application is free for three months for new and existing members.

Next quarter, we’ll be working on new integrations, including QuickBooks Online, KISI, and more.

ezeep Q4 ProptechUpdate by Christoph:

Hey, everyone, Christoph here with ezeep. We at ezeep had an incredibly productive year this year. And we’re ready to show up or work to coworking operators everywhere, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to talk about this year in this context.

For the last year, year and a half, we have been working on a brand new print platform, print-management platform called ezeep blue. And ezeep blue is designed to keep printing easy, but at the same time deliver tremendously great performance.

It’s about eight times faster than ezeep. And it’s designed to print the largest documents, the most complex documents, in great quality and great speed.

And to achieve that we build a complete new platform on new infrastructure.

And we also upgraded basically all our print apps and new apps for iOS new apps for for iPhone, iPad, Android for Windows.

There is a brand new admin portal, there’s a brand new experience for the users that are using easy ezeep, and it’s just a great new platform.

Syncaroo Q4 ProptechUpdate by Hector:

Hey I’ll be sharing Syncaroo‘s proptechupdate this quarter, as my cofounder and our developers take a very well deserved holiday break.

This quarter, the Syncaroo team worked and even more integrations, released our workspace-data syncing API and stuck true to our mission of making workspaces more discoverable – through the free giftworkspace.com campaign.

In the first quarter of next year, you can expect announcements of lifetime early bird discounts, new awesome integrations and even more surprises as we build out the infrastructure to make updating your listings and your sales channels truly effortless.

Thank you.

Zapfloor Q4 ProptechUpdate by Maarten:

Hey there, this is Maarten from Zapfloor bringing you our Q4 proptech update.

So in q4, we released the iframe of our hot desking module, our floor plan has also been made available to both office managers and tenants and for SaltoKS, as we’ve added mobile key unlocking directly in the central app.

Now in q1 of 2021, we will further improve the general user experience by adding a global search function across our entire platform.

We’ll also be installing the latest update of our visitor app which will allow for touchless package delivery. And finally, we will also develop a digital marketplace where users can purchase additional products and services.

All of us here at zapfloor send our warmest regards. Please enjoy the holidays with your family and loved ones. And we will see each other again in q1 of 2021.

Coherent Q4 ProptechUpdate by Alex:

Hey everyone, it’s Alex from Coherent.

In the last quarter we released Multi-Day Passes which allows you to set a single price across a set timeframe across multiple days, which is ideal if you want members to be able to book for an entire week for example.

We completely redesigned our invoices and made it much easier to add and manage charges.

And for the next quarter our focus is going to be integrating with Stripe which will allow us to more easily manage one-off payments and also to expand into more countries and currencies.

And that concludes this quarterly proptech update.

A massive thanks to everyone who took up the challenge and to you for watching, sharing and being part of the global coworking movement.

Till next year… look after yourselves, stay safe, and wash those hands.

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