Q3 2019 ProptechUpdate video

Hey, I’m Hector from included.co and we power the perks programs for 100s of multi-business communities all around the world.


This is the very first MBC #ProptechUpdate in which we invite some of the best software vendors from across the industry to share what they’ve been most excited about releasing in the last quarter but also what they’re most excited about releasing in the next quarter.


Lets see what they have to say…

Mike Everts here, US regional manager at OfficeRND.


I’ll have the pleasure of giving you our quarterly update for included.co. Most of our focus in Q3 was in adding several new integrations including Contract E-Sign, Brivo Door Access, improved HubSpot CRM and better payment settings.


Our biggest update for Q4 is that we’ll go full-speed ahead on member-facing apps. We’ll have completely new designs for our mobile app and web portal, and these will be rolled out. So stay tuned.


Thanks for watching!

Hi! So I’m Alex the product manager at Coherent.

The largest feature that we released in the last quarter was our Salto KS access control integration, which automates the whole setup of your access control system. Which means, whenever a member signs up to your workspace they are automatically given access to the doors that you want them to have access to.

The next biggest feature we’ve got coming is Internationalization so we’ll be soon supporting most European countries, the US, Canada and New Zealand and Australia.

I’m happy to tell you that last quarter we integrated an interactive floorplan manager on Rialto allowing your sales teams and marketing teams to browse through a floorplan indicating all of the available products, the pricing and availability, as well as unique space pictures which are annotated to each of those.

Next quarter, we’ll continue building on this and integrating it in a nice redesign of flyers.

This is Amanda from Cobot.

Last quarter we implemented a major update to our booking experience. This is the number 1 way that members interact with your space online and we’ve overhauled the interface to be more visually engaging and user-friendly. Now it’s simpler to see all the relevant information at a glance, find the right meeting room at the right time, and seamlessly confirm a booking.

Next quarter, we’ve got plans to update our admin features and further develop our extensive integration possibilities.

We’re constantly working with our partners to add updates designed to keep Cobot spaces ahead of the curve, and supplied with the latest in coworking technology.

Happy coworking!

At Essensys, we power the world’s largest community of tech-driven flexible workspaces and Q3 saw the release of enterprise reporting, to allow operators to explore the wealth of usage data we collect to identify up-sell opportunities, tailor compelling propositions and improve both service performance and member experience across the entire portfolio.

Looking to Q4, we’re excited to launch fully integrated real-time access control, which allows operators not only to secure their space by leveraging the security and reliability of our trusted Connect platform, but also innovate member experience by allowing booking, payment and access to rooms and services, using a simple tap of their smart phone.

Hey guys, my names Nynke and I’m going to give you a small update from Seats2meet.

We’ve worked on our AI-driven algorithm for the Seats2meet passport. The Seats2meet Passport is for every Seats2Meet user a place where they can write down their focus of the day, and get matched to professionals, content, events and locations. We’ve used this algorithm also for a smart connecting event calendar, and in this connecting event calendar, event organizers they will always find the right audience for their events but on the other way attendees also get matched to relevant events based on their needs so it’s really a connecting event calendar.

Also the connecting part is based on if I’m like an attendee for an event and I write down why I chose that event and what I’m looking for over there and then I get matched to other attendees over there.

That’s a small update from our side and I hope to see you soon!

Hi, with Zapfloor we change the way way people manage their offices. This means we can continuously update our platform with the best and newest features.

With one of our latest additions, the Lead Manager, you can completely manage your sales cycle from A to Z.

But there is more in the works for 2019. Extended reporting for example, which helps you track and visualize the key data you need to mange your center.

There will be a lot more to come in the future, so keep an eye out.

Hi, I’m Barbara with Deskworks

We want to show you two great new features.

First, Network Check-in lets you see exactly who’s in your center anytime from anywhere and automatically checks people in against whatever plans you setup for them.

Next, is our clickable floorplan, coming in just the next few weeks, showing you details for any of your spaces graphically. There’s even a Community View, with the information people want to share.

There’s more coming all the time with Deskworks. Let us show you!

Hi! I’m Nicole Vasquez, co-founder and chief community officer of deskpass, a multi-city, coworking membership service that gives you access to more than 400 workspaces and meeting rooms on-demand so you can turn the whole city into your office.

Our big update recently is the we just launched in Dallas, Houston, Portland and Seattle, which brings us to 13 cities and our members can now invite guests so other people can learn about and easily try coworking. And hopefully stay coworking too.

Our next big update is that we’re about to launch in San Diego and Atlanta and a lot more cities soon so stay tuned!

I’m Hari, from aCubeNow in Q3 and Q4 we signed two large new enterprise clients and also we went international!

And that concludes the very first MBC #ProptechUpdate.

Let us know you think in a comment, or in a tweet and make sure you follow us on the social media to make sure you don’t miss the next quarter’s update.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day!

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