Members of a coworking space in London have saved over £3,000 via shared buying-power.

Over the last 3 months we been piloting a partnership-in-residence programme at Bathtub 2 Boardroom’s very diverse City Tub in the heart of London.

The plan was to test various methods of unobtrusively positioning our shared buying-power functionality within the community’s existing communication channels. With the superb support from the workspace’s community coordinators, it’s been possible for us to experiment with a mix of both online and offline methods of interactivity.

Whilst some channels have worked wonders, others failed quite miserably.

However in just 3 months of running the programme, community members had already saved their businesses over £3,000 on a variety of business expenses! Savings were claimed on solutions ranging from insurance, to food delivery, to software, to printing, to professional services and a few others.

The pilot also refined the processes introduced to actively save workspace operators almost 100 more work hours, and we’re now preparing to roll out a more robust programme to support our other 130+ partner communities around the world.

On a personal level, I love the fact that over 10 times the price of a resident desk membership can immediately be reinvested by the leaders of young, passionate and growing businesses. I’m truly excited to see this support extended to 1,000’s more businesses as we scale out our learnings across the globe!

If you manage a workspace that is shared by passionate and growing businesses, apply to become an partner workspace for free, and give your members even more value with their office space.

Members of amazing coworking spaces can activate their free accounts, and start unlocking savings and opportunities today!

If your business is dedicated to supporting growing businesses, reach out and say hi, we’re always looking for trustworthy solution providers to work with.

P.S. We chatted a bit about our findings with the folks from and they published a piece on our story so far. Thanks y’all!

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