Managing coworking spaces is now easier, and pays back even more!

Just over a week since we launched a whole new revenue source for the operators of coworking and shared workspaces, we’re proud to announce our first off-site partnership.

With flexible workspaces becoming increasingly popular around the world, there are loads of ways to ‘manage’ the members of these kinds of workspaces. From what we’ve seen, only one gives you a beautifully visual and data-centric way to help you run things more efficiently.

OfficeR&D not only allows workspace managers to see availability and capacity in a lovely clear way, their solution also gives community members a neat little portal to interact with the space through.

From today, all included collectives can grab an on-going discount on the OfficeR&D suite and then turn on the all new ‘included Agora widget’, allowing your members to activate included accounts, claim savings and request savings on other solutions from within the OfficeR&D community portal.

All the while, creating revenue for the connected workspace.

So to summarise, being included and using OfficeR&D means:

Workspace management? included!
Exclusive deal sourcing? Also included
Additional revenue source? included too!

Now you can focus on keeping your community happy, and use this new generated revenue to buy your members a round of drinks/coffee or a tasty meal, which come with included savings too!

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Hector Kolonas

Hector Kolonas

Passionate about connecting entrepreneurial communities, so that amazing people can take their businesses from anywhere to everywhere.