Making lightning-fast internet affordable for shared workspaces

Knowing how vital connectivity is for the mobile and flexible workforce of the future, we’ve been working to bring lightning-fast, yet affordable, internet connections to the business collectives we support around the world.

Today, we get to announce the first phase of that plan. We’ll be bringing dedicated-line internet connections to partner hubs in Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool, and Glasgow (for now) with a huge 20% on-going discount.

We’re in the business of building valuable and long-term business connections, so we only ever bring in partners who can consistently provide high-quality and reliable services to the members of our network.

Introducing our first connectivity partner: Telcom

Telcom definitely ticks both those boxes, and have continuously proven their expertise in setting up and supporting connectivity for shared workspaces.

Telcom has been involved with coworking spaces and local communities since they started up, providing high-speed internet to tech startups and freelancers in the North West of England. Thanks to their hybrid Wireless / Fibre technology, Telcom will be able to provide ultrafast broadband to more collectives at transparent and exclusively-low prices.

Committed to being a network provider, Telcom are also offering sizeable savings on both their VoIP solutions and IT support services too.

Get lighting fast internet.

If your workspace is already included, you claim any of their perks below. Even if your area isn’t covered yet, Telcom’s experts have offered to step up and help put together a few alternative options for providing stable and quality connectivity.

Alternatively, you can register your workspace or find a shared workspace that makes sure there’s always more value included with your membership.

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