Exclusive prices on Magic Whiteboards for Entrepreneurs with included.co

The Good News

It’s with great pleasure that we add the Magic Whiteboard product-lines as our first set of Marketplace Launch Products.

We’ve been using their Whiteboard product ourselves for some time now, allowing us to be able to set up a whiteboard no matter where in the world we’re having a meeting or brainstorming session. We knew from the first sheet we used, that it was a product each startup or freelancer could use.

The Even-Better News

Their range of products will be on offer at exclusive rates to any guests and hosts via the new marketplace, but should you be as excited as we are, you can request some Magic Whiteboards below and we’ll sort it all out for you… so that you can get back to what you love, building your business.

The products will be shipped to your host workspace as rapidly as possible.

What Is a Magic Whiteboard you say?

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