How much do Freelancers spend on Coffee in Cyprus?

  • The discussion about ‘coffee shop vs desk space’ is one we continuously have with freelancers all the time, especially in Cyprus. So we decided to actually do the calculations.

    We took the data collected and published by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, extracted the average price of a Frappé per city, and multiplied it by 2 for each work day in a 4-week month.

    The results of our calculations are as follows:

  • We made the following assumptions:

    • Each freelancer drinks at least 2 frappés per work-day.*
    • Each freelancer works for 5 days a week.
    • All other distractions** are negligible.

* Only 2?! Yea, we didn’t want to sky-rocket the cost per day.
** You know… friends, crying babies, pilotta parties, people bumping your table, boiling hot coffee being carried around your work and electronic devices.

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  1. Sure on a nominal level you are right that is is cost effective to rent a desk. However if we look at the unseen it is possible that by going to coffee shops the freelancer builds his network which may lead to increased revenue.

    • Hey Panayiotis, this is also why we’re working hard on helping people connect across our 29 locations in Europe :)

      There’s so much more to what you get than just a desk, see

      But since you brought up ‘unseens’, we should probably remind you about some of the distractions we ignored for the study (which you can see in the fine print above)