Grey-labelled savings for coworking communities

And why we didn't go White-label.

Since the new version of the included solutions platform was released, businesses have dug deeper; saved more time and money; and given us a tonne more ideas about products & services they’d like to save money on.

We instantly began testing a more integrated version with partner communities across the network, and the results were fantastic!

From next week we’ll be working closely with even more of our 200+ partner communities to unlock their very own grey-labelled solution discovery platforms.

Grey-labelled? I’ve heard of white-label, what is grey-labelled!?

When a platform is white-labelled the underlying supplier/product is hidden, allowing the ‘marketer’ to rebrand it and make it their own.

However, when it comes to professional services and business-critical products; making the platform completely white-label would actually create increased workloads for our partner community operators, in turn making their spaces less sustainable in the long-run.

As many of our customers and partners know, we guarantee 100% satisfaction across almost 100 business verticals, products and services. In order to keep up that level of assurance we need to know if things ever go wrong, and work to get a solution in place within minutes.

By going completely unbranded, we’d put community coordinators in an awkward position of having to answer questions like ‘where is my order!?’ or ‘when’s the cutoff for approving printing proofs?’.

This is why we’re instead going for a lean middle-ground, allowing workspace and community operators more control over branding and front-end user experiences, but maintaining a subtle ‘powered by’ approach.

Robust Solution Discovery API

This not only allows different types of communities to promote the layer via different channels and touch-points, but also paves the way for our API revision that will allow for even closer integrations with the array of vendors who supply world-class shared-workspace management/community software.

New Revenue Drivers for Workspace Operators

This upgrade also strengthens our positioning as the fairest revenue driver for community operators, by marrying workspace sustainability to long-term unlocked value for members. Each time a member of a space saves money and time through, credit is assigned to the workspace to use or withdraw as necessary.

WordPress Plugin Coming Soon

Our WordPress plugin is also being re-worked to allow for communities who use the CMS to interact with both current and prospective members to use robust shortcodes to integrate the solution discovery layer into WordPress-powered websites.

And many more updates to come.

As coworking becomes more and more about what other value-adds operators can provide (after great wifi, coffee and community are taken care of) we’re continuously working to make sure our 200+ partners have all the buying and value-multiplying power they can handle.

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