As your global business perks platform, here’s what we’re working on and why.

A quick note to the operators at our 638 (at time of typing) amazing coworking, freelancer and other multi-tenant partner communities.


We take your trust in us – to provide, maintain and power your perks and member benefit platforms – very very seriously.


Making sure that your members can efficiently access business discounts or deals that could help stabilize their businesses is critical to your mission; and ours.


Especially in trying times like these.


Whilst you’d be excused for thinking that we’d be taking a breather or break with so many workspaces being closed; we’ve done the opposite.


Here’s what we’re working on and why, for you and your members:

More Remote-work-enabling Business Perks

We've been working alongside, for and with many of our partner communities to find out what kinds of business products and services they and their members need right now.

We're also actively working with amazing vendors to prepare announce more perks than enable more streamlined and comfortable remote work.

Available for Core & Premium partner communities.

Improved Whitelabelling for Perks Widgets​

With communities moving online and upgrading their web-platforms, we want to make sure your perks program feels on-brand for more and more of our partner communities.

Available for Core & Premium partner communities.

Automagic StatusSync Updates via Syncaroo

The Syncaroo team have been hard at work implementing a free syncing service for updating a workspace's open/closed status from within the top coworking space management software companies to platforms like ours.

Available for Core & Premium partner communities.

Community Management Teams

For a very long time (too long), included Communities could only be managed by a single user with admin rights. This upgrade will allow distributed teams to manage included Partner Communities.

Available for Premium partner communities.

Implementing Perk Curation

Whilst we believe in our increasingly powerful personalization engine, very niche communities may sometimes want to curate the categories, perks and offers shown. This module will allow community operators to opt-out of any perk promotion.

Available for Premium partner communities.

Introducing (anonymized) Statistics

We believe that better data often leads to better decisions faster. This is why we're releasing anonymized stats to decision makers within the network. Statistics are being developed with a privacy-first mentality, ensuring that members can browse in complete trust.

Available for Premium partner communities & vendors.

Community-impact Projects

We will continue to invest in and support community impact projects, platforms and organizations.

Our focus will be to empower those who aim to improve conditions and the recovery time of our partners' communities, members and their surrounding local economies. Keep an eye on our blog for more.

And a few more geeky bits.

Our dev list and private testing include more upgrades like seamless-sign-ins, an upgrade to our REST API, and community-level CSS styling controls.

We look forward to continuing our support for you, your businesses, your communities and your neighborhoods.


Thank you for all that you do, have done, and will do.


We’re proud to play a tiny part in your story as your almost-invisible perks partners.


Hector Kolonas

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