Get an investor one-pager for your startup

A big part of our day-to-day work here at is to find and evaluate opportunities and solutions for the members of our partner hubs around the world. We then make the best solutions discoverable, at great rates.

Very rarely do we find a solution that ticks all the boxes immediately, but we jumped into a call with VCforU co-founder Nilli Donner to make sure their offer was as transparent and amazing as we’d understood it to be.

And… it is! So we partnered up and now all members of our partner hubs can get a FREE investor one-pager :)

No fees, no catches, just a clean and understandable investor overview. (Some of their customers have already raised $3m in funding).

A massive thank you to the VCforU team for being so awesome!

We’ve even used the service to generate a one-pager for our upcoming angel round. :)

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