Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurship.

The positive effects of entrepreneurship on local economies are undeniable. What if every single growing business could help others in remote ecosystems, without affecting cash-flow?

As we proceed on our mission to give entrepreneurs (and their businesses) a fighting chance, regardless of their geographic location, we know there are some regions we just can’t reach fast enough. For this reason, we’ve teamed up with the inspiration folks over at Makerble to find a way to support even more young ecosystems, without slowing down the companies we’re already supporting.

And wow, are we so excited about what we’ve put together!

From our first birthday ( 1st October btw ) whenever a desk/office or workspace is rented through our platform we’ll be putting a few pounds, dollars or euros towards causes that enable entrepreneurship in the most remote corners of the world.

These causes are hand-picked by our team, and will focus on really laying the foundations for entrepreneurial ecosystems through education, empowerment and connectivity.

What this boils down to is:

  • By joining a collective through included.co, you’ll be getting the best price possible, as you’ll NEVER EVER pay more through our site than going direct.
  • You’ll also unlock a growing vault of value-add services, perks, and opportunities.
  • And now, we’ll also be contributing to nurturing other ecosystems around the world each and every month too!

Another small step towards levelling the playing field for young businesses around the world.

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