Avocarrot and fixing startup storytelling

tb;dr – When we met the Avocarrot team over 2 years ago, we knew they were going to do big things. Between then and their recent acquisition, a lot of their story is left untold. Now we’re looking to plug that gap for members of shared workspaces around the world.

Over two years ago, before we’d even launched included.co officially, we had the pleasure of meeting the Avocarrot team as they graduated from Collider‘s advertising technology accelerator.

The small but immensely passionate team, who had launched as part of Entrepreneur First‘s pioneering cohort, had decided to split between San Francisco and Cyprus. It was a pleasure to help them find affordable and flexible workspace in Cyprus, and then gave them a helping hand for when they branched out and moved their operations to Greece.

There’s a lot of gaps in Avocarrot’s story between those early days and their recent multimillion dollar acquisition, and that’s actually a pain-point we’ve picked up for growing businesses across our global network.

There are so many amazing companies across the connected workspaces in our network, but no way for us to efficiently learn about their successes and achievements.

So we set out to fix that, and in turn give us a way to continuously make noise about how awesome our members are.

Introducing included Logbooks.

From today, any member business can now log their progress towards changing the world starting from their all-important back story (or what we like to call ‘the why’).

We have a lot of plans for how this information can and will be used to support our network and unlock opportunities for the members of our partner collectives. But we can say that both the media outlets and investors we’ve mentioned it to, have shown a keen interest in a feed of this kind.

Just another way we’re making shared workspaces even more rewarding for growing businesses.

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