5 Reasons why Coworking beats Coffee Shops for getting work done

Insert Coffee* to Continue…

Coffee and working for me is the be all and end all of my productivity. So its not too strange these days to set up a laptop and headphones at a local coffee shop and get cracking on with whatever needs to be done with a cup of coffee to keep me attuned to the task at hand. However doing so regularly can be counter-productive and expensive.

The alternative could be working at home with home brewed coffee but then you are then tempted into procrastination with all the joys that a modern home can bring such as Netflix, Playstation or that 500th re-run of Mock The Week on Dave that is still funny to watch after the umpteenth time.

An alternative solution to get the productivity up is renting a desk in a coworking space. So without further delay, here are my top 5 reasons as to why you should too.

1. Toilet Breaks


It is a pain in the neck having all your stuff laid out on the coffee shop table and then needing to go to the bathroom. Do you leave your laptop on the desk and risk your quick toilet break in the hopes that no one will tamper or take your belongings? Or quickly pack up all your stuff, go to toilet and come back hoping that the same table is still available when your done?

Something to think about when you next run to the little girl or boys room juggling your laptop, mobile, tablet and hoping there’s at least some toilet paper.

2. The Costs


This factor will vary according to your favourite local coffee shop and your general willpower in avoiding the gluttonous treats like Cappuccino cakes or those lovely gingerbread biscuits that keep glaring at you from behind the counter each time you get a coffee refill.

Let us assume that a single trip to your coffee shop will set you back £5 with coffee and snack. Now factor in that there are around 22 working days in a month. At just £5 a pop, your monthly CoffeeWerking sessions could quickly run up costs of £110 monthly.

These costs spiral higher if you like working weekends or if you are anything like me and need around 3 coffees daily just to keep focused. For that amount of money you could rent a desk from one of included.co’s local partners and enjoy the coffee that’s available all day & night!

3. Time


If you want to secure a good space to set your laptop and get working, you’ll probably need to get to the coffee shop early. Furthermore when the coffee shop closes they will kick you out, so they can go home, and your work momentum gets destroyed. Working in a coworking space, you can get up to 24-hour access (if you need more, I’m sure included.co can help, get you some help) and so you could work at any time on any day.

Are you a programmer who codes more efficiently at night? Maybe a graphic/web designer who gets more creative during the crazy early morning? No problem! Get to work at a time that you choose and instantly see an increase in the efficiency of your time.

4. Networking


Although working from a coffee shop can be amusing as you overhear strangers chatting about life or rambling about their everyday issues or gossip, if we’re honest it rarely has any use to your business. Coworking spaces on the other hand can be a source and connection to ‘useful’ people with skills and knowledge that could aid and assist your own business.

Take for example the space I’m writing from now. Opposite me is a lovely lady who specialises in social media and PR, and a guy with an instagram-based business. Behind me is an upcoming and exciting startup team that is building a platform to help unsigned artists get noticed.Further down the room a gentleman who is responsible for the marketing of dental practices worldwide. Each of them have put input, physically helped or given sound advice to each other’s respective organisations.

Put simply there are way too many positives that you gain from having friendly and positive people around.

5. Loud Noises


No matter how many people there are in a coworking space, most of the people are there to ‘get shit done’. Coffee shops on the other hand are unpredictable with the level of noise from crying babies, obnoxiously loud talkers and gossiping tweens.

So if you find the right space for your character (included.co’s startup ambassadors can help you pick) you’ll be able to know that when you want to work, you can get right to it.

Bonus reason:

You get to avoid unnecessary and overzealous coffee terminology

* Excessive coffee can make you as crazy as I am, so be cautious when consuming this wondrous beverage.

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