400+ coworking communities are now included!


Today we hit a massive milestone, as we pass 400 coworking communities within the included global ecosystem.

Whilst this is a celebration of the new faces and places who’ve joined up recently, it’s also a great moment to look back in gratitude at the thousands of community mangers, space operators and coworking folks who’ve helped build such an undeniable momentum behind our mission.

Today we’re so so sooo grateful to you.

To all of you who’ve continuously leveraged the ecosystem’s shared buying-power to reduce your printing, insurance, legal, accounting, software and marketing costs.

To all of you who’ve led the way as the first, second and third included spaces in your cities/states/countries, understanding that we didn’t need chickens or eggs, but people willing to stand up and lead.

To all of you who’ve supplied products, services, event tickets, and other creative solutions to the members of the coworking movement, and had the patience to build the systems alongside us.

To all of you who’ve worked alongside our ambassadors and partners and on implementing integrations into your coworktech software, into your regional alliance’s websites and who’ve helped bridge the gaps between the coworking and coworking-adjacent sectors.

To all of you who created coworking communities, but for whatever reason have had to close, we are truly grateful for the light of inspiration and holding open the coworking gateway for your members’ businesses for as long as you could.

And a special thanks to all of you behind the scenes from our significant others and families, to all our friends, who continue to selflessly support us on this rollercoaster of a ride.

As proud as we are of this tremendous milestone, our friends at Deskmag did forecast that there’ll be nearly 19,000 coworking communities empowering over 1.7 million people across our planet by 1 Jan 2019, so we’ve still got a tonne of work to do together.

A massive thanks, again, to all of you! We love being a tiny part of how your communities are changing our world.

Keep the passion!

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