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Desks & Memberships on Offer

  • HK$300 per Hour

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    Meeting Room Rental Services Causeway Bay
    Sits 8
    Rent by an hour meeting room Causeway Bay

    HK$540 per Hour

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    Conference Room Rental Services
    Sits 10
    Rent by an hour conference room Causeway Bay

    HK$6000 per Month

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    Serviced Office in Causeway Bay
    Sits 1

    HK$12000 per Month

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    Serviced Office in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
    Sits 2

  • Included with Every Desk

    • Air Conditioning
    • Fair Use Printing
    • Free Coffee
    • Maintained Communal Areas
    • Modern Kitchen
    • Storage Cabinet
    • Trading Mail Address
    • Wired Broadband Internet
    • Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Access to Global included Network
    • Exclusive Perks & Packages

More About this Collective

  • Located on Hysan Avenue in the heart of Causeway Bay, this district attracts international brands. Caroline Centre(Lee Garden Two) is the ideal partner to host meetings and meet like-minded professionals.
    Numerous major multinational companies are located nearby, including, Apple, Google, Linkedin, Hermes, Gucci Group and L’Oreal. While in the CBD Central where the financial companies clustered, the Causeway Bay earned its own unique CBD identity, attracting Hi-Tech, IT related companies, high fashion apparel business, and media business.

    The Community

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    Finding Us

    1101, 11/F, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, 000, Hong Kong