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Quarter 3, 2020

Hey I’m Hector Kolonas and welcome to another ProptechUpdate.

This quarter we’ve received updates from 10 coworking tech platforms about they’ve been cooking up in their metaphorical kitchens.

Let’s see what they’re serving up…

Hi, I’m Amanda, the Director of Operations for CloudVO with our Q3 update.

We are officially out of our beta environment and have fully launched our new website, cloudvo.com, to showcase our 900 flexible office space operators in one succinct platform. 

We have also implemented Health and Safety Badges that will help connect our prospects and clients to our partners around the globe that go above and beyond to maintain their community’s wellbeing and the safety of their spaces.

In Q4, we will be launching large-scale ad and PR campaigns focused of providing virtual office services to small businesses who need to establish their business identities and to corporate accounts that need to access part-time offices to support their work-from-home and remote work strategies.

Hey everyone, it’s Alex from Coherent.

In the last quarter we released Multi-Day Passes which allows you to set a single price across a set timeframe across multiple days, which is ideal if you want members to be able to book for an entire week for example.

We completely redesigned our invoices and made it much easier to add and manage charges.

And for the next quarter our focus is going to be integrating with Stripe which will allow us to more easily manage one-off payments and also to expand into more countries and currencies.

Hi. This is Eric with Workspace Geek, the coworking-industry’s most reliable and user-friendly member management platform.

This quarter we release Kiosk, our new tablet-based automated system for member and guest check-in, with deliveries and meeting arrivals.

In addition we added an attendee list to meetings, with text and email notifications of guest arrivals.

Next quarter stay tuned for QuickBooks, KISI and additional integrations.

Hi everyone, Ginger Dhaliwal here, Co-Founder and CPO of Upflex.

I know 2020 has been a crazy crazy year for everybody and I hope everyone’s doing well.

We do have two major updates to talk about –

the first, we’ve partnered with Colliers International and developed the Colliers Mobility Pass. Now Colliers is able to build out flexible workplace solutions for their client through on-demand or hub-and-spoke solutions. We’re really excited about this partnership with Colliers and we’ve launched it globally as of end of September.

Secondly, we’ve launched our Hubs solutions. The Hubs solution allows our users (and Colliers Mobility Pass users) to start booking longer term leases at any of our partner spaces. We’re glad to finally be offering longer-term opportunities in bookings for our space partners that go beyond just the day-bookings that we’ve been doing. We’ve already launched a few hubs, and have many many more to launch in Q4.

If you’re not already a partner on our platform, we’d love to from you! Feel free to reach out.

Wishing you the very very best for Q4 of 2020 and looking forward to chatting in the new year! Take care. Bye!

Mike from officernd, and here’s a quick look at a few of the things we’ve been working on over the past quarter.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the officernd reception app, which can be placed at your front-desk and allows members and guests to easily sign into your space.

In the administrator portal we’ve just released universal search, which makes it very easy for operators to find the member data they need, quickly.

Lastly, we made some additional improvements to the mobile app and now support tickets and in-app messaging.

In Q4 we’re working on reports, the dashboard and will focus on additional features for multilocation operators. 

Thanks so much for asking and have a great day.

At included.co, alongside adding new deals and benefits into all the perks programs, we also introduced you to your first local included.co ambassadors.

We also introduced a new weekly newsletter called ThisWeekInCoworking.com.

And from a tech perspective, we’ve added new design tools for our Premium partners and are in the final testing phase of Syncaroo’s data-updating platform.

In the last quarter of 2020 you can expect to see new management tools, new partnerships, and a whole new level of support for coworking alliances all around the world.

Hey guys, this in Nynke from Seats2Meet in the Netherlands and I’d like to tell you somethings about what we are focussing on this quarter and the next quarter.

We are focussing a lot on using our existing software technology for offices, to help them organize the traffic between working-at-home, working in coworking spaces and working in the office and to keep it safe, so that there are not too many people in one place. And to help them organize who is working where, and to stay connected to everybody.

I hope you’re all doing fine and greetings from the whole Seats2Meet team.

Hey there, this is Maarten from Zapfloor bringing you our Q3 proptech update.

So for Q3 we are very proud to announce the release of the whitelabel version of our mobile app, both for Android and iOS. We’ve also integrated multiple single-sign-on solutions.

Finally we further developed our advanced roles system, allowing for different types of users and operators.

For Q4 we plan to release the iFrame of our hotdesking module, so that you can integrate it directly into your own website. We also want to roll out our newly developed floorplan in all of Zapfloor’s modules. Finally we will further integrate Salto KS into Zapfloor by adding mobile key unlocking to the Zapfloor app.

From all of us here at Zapfloor, we wish you a great day. Please stay safe, and we’ll see you in Q4. Take care!

Hi, this is Robert Kropp with Syncaroo.

This quarter we built and began testing Data Sync – our syncing technology that automatically updates booking and aggregator platforms when workspace inventory, prices and other critical information are changed within officernd, Nexudus and Cobot.

This builds upon our free Status Sync functionality and will be available for public testing soon.

Next quarter you can expect more integrations with management platforms, aggregators and alliances as well as more developer resources.

Thanks, have a nice day!

Hey there! My name is Sam and I’m here to tell you about Cobot’s Q3 2020 proptech update.

What’d we update last quarter?

Our analytics downloads now contain new fields to improve the depth of our exportable data.

We added Projected Revenue and updated the invoice settings.

Emails generated through our system now display more information with a cleaner look.

We’ve updated our privacy policy and partnership agreements to strengthen data protection.

And a bonus, we’ve also begun a new series highlighting creative ways to use your Cobot account.

Coming up next quarter we’ve got a pretty major improvement that I can’t wait to share in the next video. Until then, happy coworking!

So there you have it, that’s what everyone’s been cooking for the third quarter.

We can’t wait to see what everyone builds in quarter four, and we’ll be back at the end of the year with the final update for 2020.

Take care, stay safe and be good.

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Quarter 2, 2020

Hey I’m Hector (corona-hair) Kolonas, and welcome to the second quarter #ProptechUpdate.

Whilst I try figure out what to do with this hair, let’s see what everyone else has been up to this quarter.

Hey, it’s Alex here from Coherent.


In the last 3 months, the biggest feature we released is the ability to set minimum contract lengths, which means that you can make sure that members aren’t able to switch tariff or unsubscribe until you want them to. Which is obviously handy for people on longer-term tenancies.


We’ve overhauled a lot of pages within the app with accessibility and navigation in mind.

And over the next couple of months we’re going to be focussing quite heavily on our CRM system which should have some big updates coming soon.

The industry of coworking and flexible work has experienced a tremendous transformation.


From releasing NexClicker, an app to monitor the capacity of your space, to our integrations with Zoom and Jitsi together with several updates to all our apps to allow for contact-less experience through-out the workspace.


The future is very promising for the industry and we are about to launch new updates for the members portal to provide a more visual approach when booking desks and meeting rooms, a new ePOS app to help running cafes and honesty bars and an amazing data visualisation module to help you easily understand your metrics.


Stay tuned!

Hi there! Eric here from MorningStar Software.


I’m excited to announce that after much hard work, we’re releasing Workspace Geek, our new coworking management software.


In addition, we’re releasing the Kiosk, which is an app that handles the deliveries and arrivals for your space.


Stay tuned for this upcoming quarter as we release new integrations including QuickBooks, ezeep and more. Thanks.

Hi there, this is Mauro from Proova. A complete software solution dedicated to small-sized coworking space.


We are a startup and we are pivoting from day one. In the last quarter, we were testing the user’s interface and the usability features but soon we need to stop developing cause of the lockdown. 


In the next quarter, we can provide you with the main features and soon you will see a platform for community engagement based on gamification and recognition between users.

Hey, this is Mike from OfficeRND, bringing you our Q2 update. We’re pumped to announce that we have now released our brand new members portal on the web!



With our member portal update your members will have a beautiful dashboard and portal experience that gives them insight into the most important features of the space like invoices, tickets, and bookings. The booking calendar has also been greatly enhanced and it is now easier than ever before to reserve rooms and other resources at your space.



In Q3, we are working on a front desk visitor app to check guests in as well as continued improvements to our mobile and member portals so your members have the absolute best experience possible at your space.



Thanks for watching!

Hey everybody, it’s me again.



And although I haven’t got this sorted, I just wanted to give you 3 updates from included.co on what we’ve been working on over the last quarter.



Firstly, we updated the dashboard – making it more beautiful and even more useful for workspace operators.



Then, we also upgraded Premium – making it more affordable for more spaces all around the world.



And lastly, we integrated with Syncaroo – making it very easy to update lockdown statuses from inside your own management portal without having to log into included.co at all.



Thank you!

Thanks Hector, this is Nic from Rialto.



A couple of updates on our platform, we’ve been very busy launching a new side of our getrialto.com platform supporting teams to acquire new space.



As operators in the flex space, while it has been a challenge to get new requirements in from the market looking for flex space over the last couple of months; the long term sustainability of our model has proven to be strong and demand will surely follow from next year on.


Therefore, winners in the space are those who work on acquisition.



With Rialto, we’ve developed a new pipeline functionality to support teams in acquiring new space.



So happy for any of you to trial this new platform. We’ve already rolled it out with a couple of brokers as well as operators over the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi everyone, it’s Nicole Vasquez, Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of Deskpass.



We’re excited to say we’ve officially reopened and have launched our new Safety Program which allows all of our partner spaces to easily convey the health and safety practices that they are taking to keep people safe while on-site and it allows our Deskpass members to easily find Safe Spaces and to know what is required of them once they arrive and are coworking on-site.



We are excited to say that since then a lot of members have been booking across all of our cities and we know that people are eager to get back to work.



Wishing everyone a safe return to the workplace. Thanks!

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing fine and I hope you’re safe.



Here is Nynke from Seats2Meet in the Netherlands. I’d like to update you about what we’re doing. 


We’ve worked on hybrid meetings, facilitating meetings where people can come together physically, but also in a mix of meeting online. So we offer smart tools to make it happen that people can come as a small group together physically and have the rest of the group join online.



Besides that we also working on trainings, and optimizations of our back-end systems for location management.



Ok! See you soon! Bye!

Hi! This is Robert Kropp from Syncaroo.



In the second quarter we released our first public version of our workspace syncing technology to operators using a variety of awesome platforms like CobotOfficeRnDNexudus and Upflex.



Next quarter you can expect to see even more integrations, along with the syncing of more workspaces, availability, and other data that will be absolutely critical for people to find the perfect workspace providers.



Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your quarter.

Hey there! My name is Sam from Cobot, and this is our Q2 Proptech Update.



We worked overtime to get features out to spaces quickly during the pandemic, including our synced open status, time pass extensions, book plan changes as well as additional analytics features.



We also launched our new support packages. These are personalized tailored sessions you can book as either an existing space or as a prospective space. Each session is led by one of our senior support specialists who can onboard your team into Cobot, set you up to get started or help you make the most out of your existing account.



Thanks for tuning in and we’re already looking forward to sharing everything we have in store for Q3. Happy coworking!

Hi there, this is Martin from Zapfloor, bringing you our Q2 #proptechupdate.



So for Q2 we are proud to announce the release of our mobile app for android and IOS. We’ve also created an Iframe for our meeting room booker that you can integrate into your own website.



Finally, with the new reality of living with Covid 19, we further improved our hotdesking tool, enabling the booking of desks in private offices & having more advanced reporting functionalities as well.



For Q3 we plan to release the white label version of our mobile app, integrate single sign on solutions and further develop our advanced role system for different types of users.



From every one here at Zapfloor, I wish you a great day and we look forward to the next update already! Bye bye!

So there you have it. 


Another quarter, another #proptechupdate. 


Thank you to everybody that took part and we look forward to seeing what you build in the next quarter.



Take care!

Quarter 1, 2020

Hey everybody. 


I’m Hector Kolonas from included.co and welcome to the very first #ProptechUpdate for 2020.


This quarter we’re gonna hear from all around the world, but also from inside people’s houses about how they’re working behind the scenes to keep the software that runs our industry not only maintained, but also supported throughout this crisis.


Let’s see what they have to say.

In these uncertain times here at Nexudus, we are working as hard as ever. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in the use of our online community tools to help virtualize interactions.


To this end, we have now connected your calendar integrated ticketing system to the video conference system Zoom. You can let members RSVP or buy tickets for each of your events and we will automatically send a unique link to each attendee to join virtually.


Members can connect their own Zoom accounts so room booking emails include the link for all attendees to join remotely.


Stay tuned for more updates as we understand better how operators and communities navigate this new reality.

Hi, this is Robert with Syncaroo.com, where we keep all of your listings in-sync automagically.


This quarter, we worked on our proprietary data transformation algorithm, which takes in data from all of your favorite coworking management platforms and gets it ready to be synced with the best aggregators, booking apps and more.


In this next quarter we’ll be announcing our launch partners, partner integrations and even more. And hopefully soon we’ll be able to leave our apartments and meet each other face to face.

Hey there. 


My name is Sam. I’m the senior communications specialist with Cobot, checking in from my home office here in Berlin and I’m excited to share our 2020 Q1 PropTechUpdate.


Security is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’ve been able to improve single-sign-on page with support for OpenAuth and connect and added two new access control integrations, SaltoKS and Dormakaba Exivo. 


We’ve added more admin tools to make managing resources easier, including improved bulk connect tools.


Right now we’re working on features to help our spaces dealing with the impact of the Corona virus. We plan on rolling out these new features soon as well as new member tools and resources.


So stay tuned. Thanks so much.

Hey, this is Mike from OfficeRND, bringing you our Q1 update. We’re thrilled to announce that we released our new Mobile member app for Android and iOS.


With the app, your members can easily book meeting rooms, view upcoming events, check the member directory, read your how-to guides and much more. We believe this app will greatly enhance the way your members interact with your space and we can’t wait for you to check it out.


In Q2, we’ll continue work on our member-facing apps, work on building up better sales tools for your team, and update our reporting modules.


On behalf of the OfficeRND team, stay healthy and thanks for watching!

Hey it’s Josh from Proximity.


Over the last few months, we spent a lot of time working on your requests. Things like multi-space management and inventory control, our single biggest request ever.. recurring reservations is now live in our platform and we have vastly improved security for your space.


Over the next few months we’re gonna be doing more of the same. Things like more control for managers and a much better Android app experience. We’re gonna be improving our multi-space support and we are gonna be working on things to make our software more intuitive and easier to use.


I think you’re gonna be really excited about what we have coming up over the next few months.

Hi Eric here from Morningstar Software.


I’m excited to announce that later this month, we’ll be releasing our new shared workspace management platform Workspace Geek.


It’s new and improved. It’s got a great UI. It’s easy-to-use and it can suit all of your needs.


In the next quarter we plan to release an event calendar system, a QuickBooks integration, and a new kiosk app for check-ins.


Thanks and see you then.

Hi welcome to another ProptechUpdate from HAPLO.


This quarter, We added features to enhance the operations of your space and also monitor the efficiencies to your revenue and display full usage. Hope it helps!


Can’t wait for Q2. Have a good one.

Hey it’s Nynke from Seats2Meet, I hope everybody is healthy doing these crazy times all over the world.


We launched the hashtag #stayconnected and we’re working on many projects to help people stay connected even if they are working from home or from everywhere in the world.


We’re also working this period on optimizing the passport to make it even more accessible for everybody on any device in every place in the world.

Hi, it’s Bradd with Isofy.


We’re here to make networking easy in your coworking space and last quarter we had a fantastic quarter. 


We added support from Meraki Network equipment and we launched a feature called Registration codes, which makes it easy for you to add large groups of members to the network without having to manually enter in all their information.


Next quarter, we’re launching an exciting feature that’s completely revolutionary to the industry. It will allow your members and groups to choose enhanced security features like 802.1X without affecting other groups in the space.


We’ll see you next quarter.

So there you have it.


As the world works from home to help flatten the curve, your favorite software teams have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that you have all the tools that you need to manage your communities, amenities and value-adds.


Till the next quarter, stay healthy, stay safe and stay home.

Quarter 4, 2019

Hey I’m Hector from included.co and welcome to the ProptechUpdate where we give every coworking technology company just 30 seconds to tell us what they’re most excited about releasing this quarter and what they’re working on for the next quarter.


It’s been an epic year for the humans, companies, and technology that have enabled coworking for over 2 million people all around the world.


Let’s have a listen to what they’re excited about!

Hi this is Bradd with isofy.


We had an exciting quarter where we launched our new admin dashboard that gives control to your staff over the network.


We added support for Unifi access points and Unifi switches and we had a soft-launch of our integration with the Nexudus platform.


Next quarter we’re excited to add more hardware support, including Meraki and add many more features to that new dashboard.

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next quarter.

Hi. aCubeNow is formerly Haplo.


The 3 key functionalities we’ve added in this quarter are the ability to categorise your space by floors, create custom plans for your small and large clients, and last but not the least, onboard service providers onto your platform exclusively for your space. 


Can’t be excited more for 2020.

Hey guys!


For this last quarter, we are working on whitelabelling the software to make connections, collaborations and growth as professionals and also as businesses. We’re working on a way that other companies can build forward on the software we have built and are more easy to whitelabel and use it with their own brands. 


That’s what we’re working on!

Hi, I’m Barbara!


The last quarter has been busy for Satellite Deskworks


You’ve seemed to really like our interactive clickable floorplan; the membership landing pages, so people can click to buy it now, autocharge of payment processing fees and auto-retry of declined payments. 


Deskworks is remarkably lightweight fast and easily customizable for you.


We’re excited about 2020! Look out for our interactive KPI dashboard shortly.

Hi! Eric here from Morningstar Software.


I’m excited to introduce to you our new features and improvements to our shared workspace management platform. This quarter we added color-coded floorplans, a sleeker invoicing system, and a client-directory in our customer portal.


Next quarter we’ll be adding a proposal generator with brochures, floorplans and electronic signatures aswell as integrating with our network and phone management partner.


Thanks and stay tuned.

Hi, I’m Damien from Nexudus in London.


If we had to choose something we’ve worked on in the past quarter it would have to be our new suite of apps dedicated to improve our member experience. We’ve completely rebuilt all of our apps from visitor management, to meeting room availability display to delivery tracking and collection aswell as the members app which can even unlock doors, or book a room, just by waving your device in front of them. These are all whitelabel and customizable.


And yes, we’ve got loads on for the next quarter too. Better data warehousing, and reporting options, new apps for those of you who are running hospitality and catering services as well as a good number of integrations with well known services.


Stay tuned!

I’m Jacob Sayles, the creator of the Nadine Project, the only open source coworking platform, so far.


Recently I’ve been cleaning up the Raspberry Pi/HIDEvo door controller system and expanding our network attendance system to work with Unifi Security Gateways as well as PFSense firewalls.


Going forward I’m looking for additional collaboration partners and sponsors. Open Source software needs continuous support to evolve and grow. 


So please check out nadineproject.org to see if this might be something you are interested in helping with.

Hey there!


My name is Sam, and I’m the communications specialist for Cobot.


Last quarter we made a number of improvements to our admin features and functionality, most notably we overhauled our analytics features so you can better understand your spaces’ utilization. 


In addition, we added new product tours, more onboarding videos as well as some advanced support features.


Next quarter, we’re looking forward to announcing some major integrations as well as celebrating 10 years of Cobot.


So stay tuned. Thank you so much!

Mike Everts here with OfficeRND, and I’ll have the pleasure of giving you the Q4 update for 2019.


Our primary focus this quarter was on re-designing our mobile and web member apps. 


With the re-design, we are able to bring a slick new look and feel to the member side of the platform and have made it even easier for your members to book rooms, view guides and engage with the community.


Our updated mobile app will bring many of the features you’re used to on the desktop-side on to the mobile experience.


We’re excited to announce that both of these updates will be released in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Hi, I am Josh Hudnall. I’m the Chief Design Officer of Proximity, and I get to tell you about some of the cool things we are doing with the Proximity Network.


Like better event management, punch pass subscriptions, and a bunch of improvements with data to bring into your accounting software.


Even more exciting is what we have coming up like enhanced multi-space support, Advanced RADIUS integration for more secured networks, and some really awesome ways to connect with people just like you.


I’m really excited to share this update with you, thanks!

Hi everyone, this is Madison from coworker.com, the world’s largest online marketplace for finding, booking and reviewing coworking spaces.


2019 was a massive year for us, I’m excited to share that we grew over 40% organically, so we’re just under 14,000 spaces in 171 countries around the world at the moment.


2020 the most exciting thing that’s going to be on our radar is Global Pass by Coworker, which is a global coworking space membership that grants business travellers and remote workers frictionless access to 1000s of spaces around the world.


So if you have any questions about Global Pass or if Coworker can help you achieve your 2020 goals in any way, please feel free to reach out to me at madison – a t – coworker – d o t – com

So there you have it, the last #ProptechUpdate for 2019. And of the decade.


We’ll be back in the first quarter of 2020 and until then we’re wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

Quarter 3, 2019

Hey, I’m Hector from included.co and we power the perks programs for 100s of multi-business communities all around the world.


This is the very first MBC #ProptechUpdate in which we invite some of the best software vendors from across the industry to share what they’ve been most excited about releasing in the last quarter but also what they’re most excited about releasing in the next quarter.


Lets see what they have to say…

Mike Everts here, US regional manager at OfficeRND.


I’ll have the pleasure of giving you our quarterly update for included.co. Most of our focus in Q3 was in adding several new integrations including Contract E-Sign, Brivo Door Access, improved HubSpot CRM and better payment settings.


Our biggest update for Q4 is that we’ll go full-speed ahead on member-facing apps. We’ll have completely new designs for our mobile app and web portal, and these will be rolled out. So stay tuned.


Thanks for watching!

Hi! So I’m Alex the product manager at Coherent.

The largest feature that we released in the last quarter was our Salto KS access control integration, which automates the whole setup of your access control system. Which means, whenever a member signs up to your workspace they are automatically given access to the doors that you want them to have access to.

The next biggest feature we’ve got coming is Internationalization so we’ll be soon supporting most European countries, the US, Canada and New Zealand and Australia.

I’m happy to tell you that last quarter we integrated an interactive floorplan manager on Rialto allowing your sales teams and marketing teams to browse through a floorplan indicating all of the available products, the pricing and availability, as well as unique space pictures which are annotated to each of those.

Next quarter, we’ll continue building on this and integrating it in a nice redesign of flyers.

This is Amanda from Cobot.

Last quarter we implemented a major update to our booking experience. This is the number 1 way that members interact with your space online and we’ve overhauled the interface to be more visually engaging and user-friendly. Now it’s simpler to see all the relevant information at a glance, find the right meeting room at the right time, and seamlessly confirm a booking.

Next quarter, we’ve got plans to update our admin features and further develop our extensive integration possibilities.

We’re constantly working with our partners to add updates designed to keep Cobot spaces ahead of the curve, and supplied with the latest in coworking technology.

Happy coworking!

At Essensys, we power the world’s largest community of tech-driven flexible workspaces and Q3 saw the release of enterprise reporting, to allow operators to explore the wealth of usage data we collect to identify up-sell opportunities, tailor compelling propositions and improve both service performance and member experience across the entire portfolio.

Looking to Q4, we’re excited to launch fully integrated real-time access control, which allows operators not only to secure their space by leveraging the security and reliability of our trusted Connect platform, but also innovate member experience by allowing booking, payment and access to rooms and services, using a simple tap of their smart phone.

Hey guys, my names Nynke and I’m going to give you a small update from Seats2meet.

We’ve worked on our AI-driven algorithm for the Seats2meet passport. The Seats2meet Passport is for every Seats2Meet user a place where they can write down their focus of the day, and get matched to professionals, content, events and locations. We’ve used this algorithm also for a smart connecting event calendar, and in this connecting event calendar, event organizers they will always find the right audience for their events but on the other way attendees also get matched to relevant events based on their needs so it’s really a connecting event calendar.

Also the connecting part is based on if I’m like an attendee for an event and I write down why I chose that event and what I’m looking for over there and then I get matched to other attendees over there.

That’s a small update from our side and I hope to see you soon!

Hi, with Zapfloor we change the way way people manage their offices. This means we can continuously update our platform with the best and newest features.

With one of our latest additions, the Lead Manager, you can completely manage your sales cycle from A to Z.

But there is more in the works for 2019. Extended reporting for example, which helps you track and visualize the key data you need to mange your center.

There will be a lot more to come in the future, so keep an eye out.

Hi, I’m Barbara with Deskworks

We want to show you two great new features.

First, Network Check-in lets you see exactly who’s in your center anytime from anywhere and automatically checks people in against whatever plans you setup for them.

Next, is our clickable floorplan, coming in just the next few weeks, showing you details for any of your spaces graphically. There’s even a Community View, with the information people want to share.

There’s more coming all the time with Deskworks. Let us show you!

Hi! I’m Nicole Vasquez, co-founder and chief community officer of deskpass, a multi-city, coworking membership service that gives you access to more than 400 workspaces and meeting rooms on-demand so you can turn the whole city into your office.

Our big update recently is the we just launched in Dallas, Houston, Portland and Seattle, which brings us to 13 cities and our members can now invite guests so other people can learn about and easily try coworking. And hopefully stay coworking too.

Our next big update is that we’re about to launch in San Diego and Atlanta and a lot more cities soon so stay tuned!

I’m Hari, from aCubeNow in Q3 and Q4 we signed two large new enterprise clients and also we went international!

And that concludes the very first MBC #ProptechUpdate.

Let us know you think in a comment, or in a tweet and make sure you follow us on the social media to make sure you don’t miss the next quarter’s update.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day!

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