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Desks & Memberships on Offer

  • $20 per Month

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    Lawrence Plan
    Sits 1
    Virtual Office

    $65 per Month

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    Feynman Plan
    Sits 6
    Conference Room only package

    $150 per Month

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    Groves Plan
    Sits 1
    24/7 access to open seating

    $250 per Month

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    Openheimer Plan
    Sits 1
    24/7 access with designated desk

  • Included with Every Desk

    • Air Conditioning
    • Fair Use Printing
    • Free Coffee
    • Maintained Communal Areas
    • Modern Kitchen
    • Storage Cabinet
    • Trading Mail Address
    • Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Access to Global included Network
    • Exclusive Perks & Packages

More About this Collective

  • projectY cowork Los Alamos is a collaborative coworking space that serves as a hub for startups, freelancers, remote workers, students and others to be connected to like-minded entrepreneurs, business experts, investors and mentors who will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. The 2,400 square-foot open floor plan of projectY accommodates open seating and dedicated desks, a kitchen, semi-private cubicle, a ROOM phone booth, lounge area and a conference room, and is intended to foster a dynamic, collaborative work environment that harnesses the collective energy of those working and sharing ideas in the space.

    The Community

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    Finding Us

    150 Central Park Square, 87544, Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States