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    And more. So much more.

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Affordable Desk Space, Wherever You Are

  • We work with 585 local partners, who have listed their available desks at affordable rates.

  • If you see that we don’t have a host in your area, let us know and we’ll do our best to find one ASAP.

What about Coffee?!

    • Firstly, Coffee is FREE

      Every single one of our hosts guarantees that Coffee is freely available for their guests.
      Did we say there’s free coffee?

    • Secondly, less distractions.

      No crying babies. No screeching school kids. No obnoxiously loud phone calls.
      Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Our other guests need YOU!

  • The Global Promotion of YOU.

    As we grow out our network, our guests continue to request certain services. Who better to provide them with these services than you?

    All included.co Guests can list packages on the upcoming Marketplace.

  • Fixing what’s broken.

    For years we’ve complained about how silly it is that startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers who happen to be in different desk spaces aren’t finding and working with each other.

    It’s time things changed.

Affordable Services to Make Your Life Easier

  • Maintain Focus

    As your business, reputation and clients grow you’ll quickly find yourself needing to do more and more administrative work.

    With our marketplace, you can quickly find affordable ways to bring in the best business-support services at the right time.

  • Keep doing what you love!

    You do what you do because you love doing it. Most times that’s creating business, designing or developing. Why not bring in some help for the tasks that are trying to steal our attention?

    Connect with the ‘big boys’, but on fair terms, with included.co beside you.

Pay-as-you-go, designed to help you grow.

  • Month-to-month

    Not sure about your work-load in the coming months or worried about being tied down?

    Rent a desk and access the marketplace on a monthly-to-month basis.
    When you need us, where you need us.

  • Flexibility to Scale

    As your business grows, so may your team. It shouldn’t be something you should stress about, and so we make sure you don’t have to.

    Scale up, or down, your operations quickly and easily with included.co.

  • What’s holding you back?

    We’re here to help you grow in a space that’s comfortable, affordable and well-connected.

  • Not ready to jump in yet?

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