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Window or Wall Vinyls/Stickers

  • Make a splash and grab the attention of your neighbours with beautifully printed (and ultra-affordable) window or wall stickers.

    Sizes from 150 x 150mm to a massive 4,980 x 4,980 and which can be cut to almost any shape by requesting the “Custom Shape” option when chatting with your included concierge agent.

    Prices start at just £24.50 for a 1000x1000mm transparent vinyl print without lamination.

    Types of print/material available:

    • Monomeric Vinyl – Good value, yet long lasting vinyl for use on walls, windows or any other flat surface. that you want to adorn. Available in a gloss or a matt finish. Opt for Gloss if you want sharp, bright colours to stand out. If you are after a more understated look, go for Matt.
    • Transparent Vinyl – Affordable yet lasts for up to 3 years outdoors. CMYK printed straight on to the surface meaning that the colours will be transparent.
    • One-way Vision – a.k.a contra-vision, this vinyl is perforated and suitable for large text and images it lets light in whilst not allowing passers-by to see in from the outside.

    Application Instructions:
    All wall and window vinyls are supplied with a self-adhesive backing for easy application. Ensure your surface is clean and dry prior to application. Simply peel off the backing and it will adhere to your chosen surface. You can use a squeegee to ensure an even finish.


    If you require any opaque areas or your design contains white, you’ll need to request the Transparent Vinyl + White Print when chatting with your included agent. If the sticker will be placed inside the window and viewed from the outside, then please request Transparent Vinyl + Mirror Print. Your design can also be printed on the same side as the adhesive by requesting ‘Window sticker’.
    Request a gloss or matt lamination to increase durability and to protect the print . Matt or gloss UV filter 5 lamination increases the resistance to fading, which is recommend if your vinyls are to be placed outside.

    Cover Photo by unsplash-logoDan Gold.

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