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Table-top Mobile Acoustics built especially for remote working

  • From the World’s Leader in acoustic comfort, an innovation for the way we work now.


    Make your space your own. Communicate to hear and be heard. Stay sound wherever you work.

    Our working world is a noisy place. As we adapt to the changing face of working spaces, we seek spaces to work in that allow us to concentrate, take and make calls without background interruptions or distractions.

    In response to the world’s increasing demand for flexible and remote workspaces, Acoufelt has created a line of mobile acoustic solutions; Fast, Flexible and Functional.

    There’s a lot of noise in the world right now – but we all need a quiet space to work.

    Wherever you are working, we want you to be comfortable carrying out business as usual, and create a pleasant working environment to be productive, creative, and communicate with others effectively. As we explore new methods for human connection, we want to ensure that you can hear and be heard clearly across a range of communication platforms.

    Free from the noise and echo of the outside world.

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