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  • Making law fast, simple and affordable for small businesses across the UK – Farillio joins the dots between your business ambitions and the legal steps it takes to achieve them.

    From getting started and making sales to business growth and building a team, Farillio has you covered.

    After all, no one starts a business to spend hours a day delving into business law.

    And now you don’t need to.

    It’s an online legal platform built to help SMES go far – enabling you to navigate your business adventure confidently, simply and safely with legal guides, templates, step-by-step checklists, video tutorials and access to a team of friendly experts when you need them.

    And it doesn’t stop with law…

    Farillio joins the dots between law and every other aspect of running your business: marketing, sales, PR, finance, HR, accounting, and so much more…

    And a simple-to-navigate dashboard provides a secure place to keep all of your business’ documents – whether they’ve been created, signed and stored directly on Farillio, or whether you’ve uploaded them yourself – giving you 24/7 access to the tools needed to make your business go far.

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