Included Membership Revenue Share

This revenue share only covers desks, memberships, offices or day passes requested or purchased directly through the network.

We do not ask for exclusivity, or anything silly like that. All of your active members are more than welcome to leverage our shared buying-power and access our 100s of business savings, regardless of how they found, booked and joined your community.

Don’t offer publicly available memberships, desks or offices? No worries! You can register and give your members the shared buying-power of 1000s of passionate businesses without listing any available membership plans.

  • Your Share


    Our job is to make your community more sustainable, so almost all the generated revenue goes where it belongs, straight to you.

  • Our Share


    A small share for the value we bring to the table.
    Once again, only on the members we help you acquire.

Simple Fees. Explosive Added Value.

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