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Messenger automation system (chatbot)

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    We help all types of businesses, whether brick-and-mortar or online, to automate their Facebook Messenger conversations and marketing to give their users a truly unique experience, with instant access to the information they are looking for without relying on a live support team.

    For the discounted price of €198, we are able to create a basic messenger chatbot for your business which is kind of like having a virtual assistant directly in messenger.

    We will set the chatbot up with the below assets and hand over a fully functioning automation system that could be left as is or built on in the future.

    • Main menu
    • Welcome message
    • Default reply
    • General information regarding your business (information like you would have on a website)
    • Contact form (right within messenger that sends a notification to a specified admin of your page)
    • 2 x Messenger refURL (A link to help people get into your messenger database for future marketing)
    • Keywords set up as required (If someone types “opening times” we would trigger a flow to tell the user your opening time)
    • 3-5 hours of generic training via skype to show how everything works.

    We have an informative PDF in our dropbox which explains some of the possibilities we can achieve together and a scan code to try out some of our demos.

    Videos of demos

    Please note the above are only for demo purposes.


    Once your messenger system is up and running, we can help build you a huge trackable database of subscribers and work with you on a monthly basis all dependant on your budget and ad spends.

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