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Recent Weekly Summaries:

This week we saw 150k bookable spaces added into a biz travel portal, the importance of rural coworking, how IWG is moving into suburban retail

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This week we see another 10k corporate employees getting national coworking access, more hotels becoming offices, real estate agents opting for coworking space, an 80%

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How almost 100k employees get coworking access, supporting the homeless, infinite choices, built-in altruism, the creator-economy opportunity and more.

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5 overarching needs for workspaces, what members miss, childcare as essential infrastructure and other stories you may have missed this week.

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We’re now into month 2 and week 5 of 2021. Crazy right!?  It’s also the 25th summary newsletter we’re sending out. So I’d love to

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Even as much of the world looked toward the US (and its politics) this week, the coworking and flex workspace world continued to grow, share,

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Coworking news, event invites, shared insights, podcast conversations and videos you may have missed.

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The new stories, resources, successes, celebrations, events, networks and apps you may have missed this week.

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This year has been challenging for coworking everyone. In this post you’ll find some of 2020’s biggest shifts, trends and opportunities from across, around and adjacent

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