This Week In Coworking: Week 41

👋 Welcome to This Week In Coworking for Week 41!

This week we share stories covering four celebrations, darth vader, airline + workspace bundles and more. 

Here’s the stories, updates, celebrations events and invites you may have missed this week in coworking….

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🎂 A few celebrations!

TownSq turned 3, The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network turned 4, and turned 6. 🥳

✈️ Bundled flights & coworking.

United and Peerspace have announced a new campaign called ‘Team Together’ in which they bundle workspace and flights into packages. Starting at $5,000 p/m for 24 workspace and 60 flights, it’s an interesting concept. 

👉 Read more about this here.

💼 4 stages to welcoming large enterprises into flex workspaces.

Phil Kirschner shared an insightful guide into how coworking can support enterprise members with the transition from traditional offices to flex workspace communities.

👉 Read more about this here.

✊ How & why your coworking space can quickly get involved with European Freelancers Week.

During a year that will lead to even more freelancing, both voluntary and involuntary in nature, here’s 5 things that coworking spaces across Europe, and beyond, need to know about European Freelance Week 2020.

👉 Read more about this here.

☕️ Daily practice for rebuilding community and bringing back human connection.

Christina wrote about what they’ve learned about the connection between daily routines and coworking, community and connections.

👉 Read more about this here.

💡 CloudVO shared why they’re partnering with Syncaroo.

CloudVO announced their upcoming integration with workspace data syncing platform Syncaroo to help their partners say goodbye to copying and pasting updated data.

👉 Read more about this here.

🧩 Coworking Jobs

Hiring? New positions posted (for free) on will also be shared in future TWIC newsletters. 

Post a job here.

🎙 Coworking discussions.

Tash Thomas chats all about Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in coworking.

🎧 Listen to this.

Liz Elam interviewed Reeves Wiedeman, contributing editor at New York Magazine and author of Billion Dollar Loser. 

🎧 Listen to this.

Jeannine van der Linden and Cate Maiolini chat about coworking, coliving and collaboration between them. 

🎧 Listen to this.

📹 Coworking videos.

Village Workspaces recently shared an awesome video about how they’re making their space safe.

📆 Coworking event reminders.

October 13th: GCUC Masterminds session on best in class ecosystems.


October 16th: European Freelancers Week begins.

👉 Get Involved.

October 30: Coworking Convo on the topic of coworking around the world. 


🦸‍♀️ Coworking superheroes.

Interested in collaborating with some of the coworking world’s fastest moving alliances, companies, platforms and inspiring people? 

included ambassadors get to work behind the scenes on many of the campaigns, project and initiatives that rapidly contribute to how and where the world works.

🤫 Say hi, and let’s arrange a time to chat.

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