This Week In Coworking (Week 34, 2020)

👋 Welcome to This Week In Coworking for Week 34!

This week we share 7 written updates, 1 podcast conversation and 1 video you may have missed from across the coworking world. 

This week in coworking…


🙋‍♀️ 9 female-led businesses will form part of Canvas Coworking’s unique incubator program.

Nine female-led businesses will form part of Canvas Coworking’s unique incubator program when Flair launches at the end of August. 

Over the past few months, we have seen a number of other incubator and accelerator programs closing. This is such a critical time to be supporting Queensland founders, so we wanted to do all that we could to ensure entrepreneurship is encouraged and support is available for founders with vision, passion and commitment. That is why we have chosen to expand our program from five teams to nine.”

Joy Taylor, Program Director

The cohort was chosen from business spanning all across Queensland after a successful Selection Bootcamp where teams presented their business and ideas for obtaining access to international markets. 

👉 Learn more about flair incubator here. 
👉 See which 9 female-led businesses made it.
🎧 Radio interview with Candace Mason who is taking part.

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🇺🇸 Coworking in the US hits a new collaborative milestone.

200 communities, workspaces, alliances & platforms who support US-based businesses & freelancers are now registered for included Perks technology and share buying-power for their members. 

👉 Read more about this here. (

👩‍💻 HQ Raleigh rebrands only in-part due to Regus trademark lawsuit.

Whilst HQ Raleigh had already been contemplating a name change for some time, the back-and-forth nature of a lawsuit could be time intensive and expensive.

👉 Read more about this here. (

👩‍🏫 Schooling + Coworking goes ‘maintstream’.

Articles are appearing in the some of the larger real-estate journals, stating that, WorkSuites, Quest Workspaces, WeWork and Industrious are all exploring bringing some kind of schooling or classrooms into their offerings.  

👉 Read more about this here ( and here ( [paywalled])

🤗 Coworking + Childcare in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Christina from ProjectY shared a little about coworking in their region and what they’re doing to help childcare challenges in Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

👉 Read more about this here. (

🚶‍♀️ ECA subtly announces a 15-minute City webinar in September.

Snuggled into the bottom of an insightful blog post about what the 15-minute City is, the European Coworking Assembly subtly announced a live webinar on September 21st around Carlos Moreno’s 15 Minute City & Leslie Kern’s Feminist City.

👉 Read more about this here ( and here (

🌏 GCUC APAC virtual conference: first session recap & 25% discount.

The first of GCUC’s four Asia-Pacific virtual conference sessions happened this week on the topic of Real Estate. Next week’s session is Technology on Tuesday from 8am to 10am HKT and included partners and members of participating alliances can get 25% off passes.

👉 Read the recap here ( or get the discount here (

🎙 Coworking conversations to listen to.

Jordi Massaguer discusses coworking in a village of about 5000 people.
🎧 Listen in. (

📹 Coworking videos to watch.

Infostud Hub shared a lovely video filmed and produced for them by a local student. 👨‍💻 Watch this.

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