This Week In Coworking (Week 30, 2020)

👋 Welcome to Week 30’s summary. 

This week we summarize stories that cover 15 years of coworking, Australian cakedays, $1M in coworking grants, social entrepreneurship, coworking passports, coworking & libraries, and events contract terms. 

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This week in coworking…

To celebrate the 15th International Coworking Day (Aug 9th) there’s a global campaign calling for operators to share quick videos that can be compiled into a series that shares the faces, stories and voices of coworking people around the world.

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On Monday, Canvas Coworking supported local entrepreneurship in Toowoomba City (Australia) for over 1,825 days. Or you know.. exactly 157,852,800 seconds.

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The governor announced a $1 million coworking & incubator grant for eligible Missouri-based non-profit corporation & university-sponsored coworking and incubator facilities to continue supporting economic recovery during the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

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Stephanie joined Bernie and Zeljko about social entrepreneurship and all about the incoming Stir To Action Festival where she will be speaking about Exploring Authentic Community Engagement.

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The Atlanta Coworking Alliance put together a free Passport program, giving potential members the ability to try out 12 spaces for a day, and offer a $50 discount when they pick their favorite to join.

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Don’t you love it when a headline writes itself? Viviana Vitari’s 87 page book becomes the 269th publication indexed on the Coworking Library project.

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The UK government have announced that business events and conferences can go ahead from 1st October and have pointed spaces towards the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) who have worked with some legal experts to produce a COVID-19 clauses for cancellations in event contracts.

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