This Week In Coworking: #14, 2021

This week we saw updates about coworking’s effect on rebuilding smaller cities, how office work has forever changed, how two global operators see the industry’s evolution, a CRE’s first managed space, and a debate with an economist.  

Here’s what you may have missed This Week In Coworking…

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🎉 Coworking celebrations.

🎂 Coworking space in Snohomish County, WA turns 4.

Huge congrats, and thanks, to the InSpark Coworking community for 4 years of supporting local entrepreneurship. 

👉 Celebrate this.

📰 Coworking updates.

💪 Why coworking is essential for economic recovery of small cities.

Sean Fedorko shares some excellent reasons why coworking can (and will) greatly boost the economic recovery in small and mid-sized cities. 

The post also shares insights and data from members of Radius CoWork, and touches on how coworking addresses the chaos that lockdowns and the pandemic is having, and has had, on hyperlocal employment and retail landscapes. 

👉 Read this.

🙊 Masterclass in how NOT to do hybrid or remote work.

Mike LaRosa shares a heartfelt short video recapping the awful experience of how a firm failed to make remote work, well… work for an employee that’s been with them for 13 years.

Highlights: access to on-demand space, and a little bit of empathy/understanding go a long long way.

👉 Watch this.

🏢 One year in – office work will be permanently different.

Rani Molla wrote an excellent roundup in Recode/Vox of 10 ways that office work has been changed forever by the pandemic. 

Most notably: that a huge amount of people can work from home (or anywhere); that some are struggling to continue working from home; a boon in freelancing; and that the office will still exist, but be used differently – with a definitive nod to some benefits of coworking and flex workspaces.

👉 Read this.

🌎 How 2 global flex workspace operators see market evolution.

Robert Kropp from Syncaroo shares the last part of his 8-part series on flex workspace evolution in He’s joined this week by Lucy Watts from The Instant Group and Ryan Simonetti from Convene.

It’s an interesting comparison between the key learnings from two global operators, with HQs in the UK and US respectively. Also fascinating to hearing what trends are being seen via the Instant Offices listing platform.

👉 Read this.

📊 What the data shows could be next for coworking and flex space.

Ben Wright from upsuite shares a summary of a recent talk on his thoughts (and the data behind them) about the pandemic’s affect on flex space and what could come next.

The stats shared are definitely interesting (and I believe gathered from within their network) and look at rates of demand; drops in pricing; that downtowns were hit hardest; and a shrink in average seat requirements.

👉 Read this.

🧐 Is this economist completely wrong about remote work?

Dror Poleg challenges Paul Krugman‘s take that the remote work revolution will have as little lasting-effect as the internet had on physical book sales (or the reading revolution).

👉 Read Dror’s take here.

👉 Read Paul’s take here.

🆕 JLL officially opens their first managed and operated flex spaces.

This week saw the official grand opening of Orchard Workspace by JLL, in downtown Brooklyn. 

The trend of CRE co’s launching and running (or taking over struggling operators)  has been touched on in previous newsletters and discussions, but of course we wish the JLL Flex team all the success in the world for their first-ever fully managed and operated space.

👉 Read this.

🗽 The pandemic hit little & large operators in Manhattan differently.

Kelsey Neubauer for bisnow shares how the pandemic has had huge impacts on the flex workspace operators in New York City, and how each of them can respond and/or restructure comes down to one thing, cold hard cash. 

The story features comments from many unfunded operators, who make up the major backbone of the coworking world, including Lisa Skye of Primary; Neil Carlson of Brooklyn Creative League; insights from Liz Elam of GCUC and William Edmundson of GWA; and a previous statement from Amol Sarva before he left Knotel.

👉 Read this.
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🎁 Coworking opportunities.

🎟 Free tickets to the Workspace Trends Research Summit.

The Coworking Library are giving away two tickets to this year’s Workspace Trends Research Summit.

All you need to do to enter the free ticket draw, is submit a coworking research publication into the library by midnight (CET) on April 16th. 

👉 Read this.

💻 Coworking technology.

🛡 Space management platform builds internal insurance offering.

Proximity have announced a new ‘arm’ of their business, Proximity Protect, which (if I understand correctly) offers insurance for coworking and flex space members, operators and tenants through a fully-owned brokerage. 

Given that have been helping to connect members and operators to insurance providers (and perks) since 2015, I understand the demand and applaud the Proximity team in bringing this totally in-house.

👉 Read this.

📈 Multi-space pass app announces 22nd city with Minneapolis launch. 

Deskpass announced their 22nd city launch, adding 10 workspaces in the ‘twin cities’ to their popular multi-space membership app & network. 

👉 Read this.

🎙 Coworking conversations.

Bernie Mitchell and Željko Crnjaković have a quick catch-up about what’s going on in coworking after the first quarter. They discuss Convos, this newsletter, Clubhouse, the Symposium and the Coworking IDEA project.

🎧 Listen to this.

Caleb Parker chats with Andrew Carne from bp and Ciaran Delaney from MeetingsBooker about how they partnered up to enable the booking of approvable space… and a little about their thoughts on the future of commercial real estate.

🎧 Listen to this.

Liz Elam dropped the whole of series 2 of her Workspace Trends podcast, focussing on technology. Joining her are Melissa Gregg, Brian Meece, Jessica Knapp, Chris James, and Aasia Haq.

🎧 Listen to this.

Jamie Russo chats with Reuben Lau about the things coworking spaces need to know about SEO and SEM (or you know… search engine ‘magic’).

🎧 Listen to this.

📆 Coworking events.

09 Apr: “Potluck Lunch” casual discussion with Daryn DeZengotita

👉 RSVP to this.

15 Apr: “Profit with Printing” Practical Advice for Shared Workspaces with ezeep

👉 RSVP to this.

15 Apr: “Coworking Symposium” joint scholarly & industry half-day conf. on coworking & flex workspaces.

👉 RSVP to this.

22 Apr: “Workspace Trends Research Summit” – showcases the best of the latest research into work and the workplace and how it can be applied for practical benefit. 

👉 RSVP to this.

27 Apr: “The Coworking Alliance Summit” – bringing together cooperative coworking leaders. 

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