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Isolated IT networking for shared workspaces

  • What is isofy?

    isofy is a complete network solution tailored to coworking spaces. isofy works as your network consultant, hardware integrator, and network management platform.

    isofy specializes in the following:

    • DYNAMIC VLANs – members’ devices are placed in a private network automatically and synced with Nexudus
    • VIRTUAL WIFI HEATMAP – never guess where to place an Access Point
    • HARDWARE SELECTION – the equipment we provide is battle-tested for coworking
    • SUPPORT UNIQUE MEMBER NEEDS – firewalls, port forwarding, IP reservations, public static IPs
    • ADMIN DASHBOARD -have control of the network at your fingertips through our unique panel
    • ONGOING SUPPORT – Grade A support that will be available for the staff and the members


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