26% off – Automated High Touch Data Privacy & GDPR Compliance

  • The GDPR Module is an environment where you can generate the code and documents to be installed on your website, in your management software and/or CRM package which ensures that your policies and procedures are compliant, and up to date.

    But overautomation is a thing, it does not help to have perfect auto generated documents and policies if you don’t know where to put them or when they need to be presented.

    That’s why the module is high touch/high tech.

    You also get a certified and experience Compliance Officer, who will first go through your business with you personally to make certain which documents you need and how they should be used.

    The automated module is dynamic which means that updates will be carried out across all your tech channels when changes to the law or regulations occur.  And you have access to your Compliance Officer every step of the way.  

    Disclosures for your coworkers, your visitors, your employees and contractors, and your vendors are all included in the package

    Privacy policy, data retention and processing documents, cookies, records of processing, and reporting are fully integrated.

    Even breach reporting and the documents necessary to do business with others who do not have their GDPR documentation in order are included, as the module was designed to cover all situations including when it all goes wahooni shaped.

    Who knows better than an entrepreneur or solo-entrepreneur that things can go wahooni shaped?  We got you covered, even then.

    Pricing & How it works

    The setup fee for this module is €250, one time: but via Included that’s reduced to just €185.

    Once the purchase is completed you will receive your login details for the module dashboard.  Once there you can fill in the details of your company and websites, and you will be able to make an appointment with your new Compliance Officer.

    The monthly fee for this module after the setup is completed is as follows:

    1. I know what I am doing package.
      Are you clear on the aims and processes of GDPR Compliance but tired of thrashing around in a patchwork of services and documents?
      This package brings order to the chaos, ensuring that everything is in one place and consistent across your communication channels.  €37.50/mo
    2. I know what I should be doing package.
      Are you ready to professionalize your GDPR processes but don’t know where to start? Have you got a Privacy Policy from a website generator and a cookie policy from your vendor but still not entirely sure what they say or what the implications are?
      This package includes an hour per month consultation with our GDPR expert (here link to bio and picture et cetera) to get things up and running and keep them going smoothly
    3. I have no time for this package.
      Do you know you need to comply but keep putting it off till tomorrow?  Are you frozen in indecision and so at risk if an audit occurs or a disgruntled client objects to your handling of their data?
      This package includes installation, consultation, and maintenance at a low hourly rate to lead you through the chaos.
      You will never get a compliance officer with these credentials cheaper.
    4. I am facing an audit package.
      Are you facing an audit or do you already have complaints about how you handle customer data? Contact us for an offer that won’t break the bank.For this we need to know the details, so send us a message via chat after you claim this solution.

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