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    Growing your brand profile and exposure is essential to increasing your business notoriety, recognition and, consequently, your sales. That’s what PR does. Unfortunately, a large number of small businesses and startups don’t do PR as they can’t afford PR agencies.

    This is why JournoLink built a tool enabling SMEs to manage their own PR affordably. The platform provides them with a PR toolkit to help SMEs tell their story to the media and take advantage of every opportunity to get their brand in the news.

    What is included in this package:

    • A Go-to directory of businesses profiles: for journalists to search and discover small businesses
    • Press release template & distribution: to help distribute news to a database of over 6000 journalists, bloggers and broadcasters
    • Editorial requests: Sent via email allow journalists looking for specific quotes or comment to target key businesses.
    • Calendar: Prompting when to issue news, apply for awards and attend networking events.

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