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    Want your customers to order bigger basket sizes, more frequently and have an improved customer experience..? Ordoo is an app which allows users to pre-order and pre-pay for their food and drink at your venue, allowing them to skip the queue and earn loyalty rewards.

    We have extensive experience of implementing this in co-working spaces containing a café/cafeteria, and have found there is a significant demand – members prefer ordering/paying at their desk and collecting their order when its ready. Where we differ from our competitors is through the engagement platform provide you. You will be able to see who your customers are, their spending habits, along with the ability to contact/email/push notify them whenever you want {see photo below}! This, together with an improved experience for your customers, does lead to them ordering more frequently, particularly with large team orders!

    So enquire with us now, why wait..?

    Check out our website! http://ordoo.co.uk

    *Additional charges: 3% charge per transaction and small £99 one-time set-up fee for the tablet and other marketing material. 

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