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    BuzzRamp is a marketing and PR management tool that saves smaller businesses time and money. It gives micro-businesses, startups and solo-entrepreneurs a powerful step-by-step PR and online marketing strategy that fits around their existing schedule, and the easiest ways to put that strategy into action.

    BuzzRamp will save you time by:

    • Giving you a bespoke programme of simple marketing & PR tasks that are designed to fit your specific needs and schedule. Once completed these will help you meet your marketing & PR objectives. 
    • A suite of tools including our Blog Writing Tool, which helps you to write effective blog posts that will bring traffic to your website, and our Press Release Tool, which helps you to draft compelling press releases that will get your business lucrative media coverage. 
    • Access to hundreds of simple tutorials that are solutions to your marketing problems e.g. “How to get more Instagram followers”
    • allowing you to outsource any task BuzzRamp sets you to a vetted PR/Marketing professional, with just a few clicks

    BuzzRamp saves its users money by:

    • allowing them to run their own effective marketing and PR campaigns so they don’t have to hire an outside agency or employ someone with marketing expertise

    BuzzRamp is for:

    • any micro-business, startup or solo-entrepreneurs that don’t have marketing or PR expertise and want to reach a bigger audience without spending big money.
    • business owners who want to delegate marketing and PR activities without having to worry about managing someone

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