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Occupancy Analytics & Benchmarking Tool

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    Basking.io Occupancy Analytics software is using your existing WiFi network to collect aggregated data on occupancy levels across your coworking space. Our analytics dashboard allows you to compare the usage of various areas of the building and make informed decisions on how to use the space most efficiently.

    The software is cloud-based, so it’s quick and easy to set up online. Depending on your WiFi equipment, the connection process will take can usually take just 15 minutes (or up to 3 days max in complex environments).

    In order to ensure your members’ privacy, Basking only collects aggregated data on the usage of the space as a whole. We do not store personal data of your members.

    This package can be further extended with additional data sources and functionality from CRM, access management, and smart metering systems. This will unlock energy savings and time savings opportunities – from optimized ventilation schedule to automated access management based on room booking request.

    An additional 30% discount is provided for customers using UniFi® Access Points from Ubiquiti Networks in their spaces.

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