20% off – Crash Course in Organizing Online!

  • I’m hearing way too many stories of people struggling to run engaging gatherings online.

    If our only choice right now is to meet over screens, we have to give people really good reasons to tune in and pay attention.

    Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do. Most people haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible, but I want to change that.

    So I’m now offering an online workshop with my best tips on how to make the most of Zoom and building meaningful connection online.  The session will be interactive—the best way I can show you what’s possible is to model the behavior myself!

    A pre-recorded lecture + interactive discussion

    Before our scheduled date, I will send you a pre-recorded lecture along with a copy of my slides, so you can enjoy the lecture whenever is best for you.

    Then, we’ll meet at the designated date to review your questions and to facilitate some interactive activities. Best of both worlds!

    Bonus: Run of show template!

    I created a super handy visual template to help you plan out timing for your next event. You’ll get this included with your ticket!


    What we'll cover

    1. What’s happening

    We may not have chosen this path, but we can certainly take advantage of the opportunities this new direction affords us. Let’s first frame what’s happening in terms of what’s possible.

    2. Skills

    We’ll run through some fundamentals you may not have thought of—how you set up your own space, how you communicate, and how you facilitate, and more.

    3. Zoom features overview

    I’ve been a fan of Zoom for years because it works super well and is actually a very powerful organizing tool. I’ll show you all of the little nuances to the settings Zoom offers, so you can head off predictable issues (like Zoom bombing) and maximize the experience for everyone involved.

    • The waiting room feature
    • The better way of approaching waiting rooms
    • Core settings to get right
    • Screen sharing + less well-known features & best practices
    • Breakout rooms—Zoom’s secret superpower
    • Chat & microphone management
    • The “original sound” feature for live music
    • Recording features
    • Virtual backgrounds & filtering features


    4. How to make a digital gathering meaningful and awesome

    There are so, so many ways to create really meaningful connection online. We’ll cover:

    • Creating a sense of place
    • Easy rituals to foster connection
    • Conversation activities & breakout sessions
    • Real-time collaboration using shared documents


    5. The new territory to explore

    We’re only getting started in this new world—I’ll share with you a few insights I have into where I see things going. We’ll touch on the potential of things like:

    • Audio-only gatherings
    • Physical packages sent to participants
    • Customized backgrounds & filters
    • Long-term planning for after the crisis passes


    Hi, I'm Tony.

    I’ve been helping people find belonging through meaningful community gatherings since 2007. I started Manhattan’s first coworking space, New Work City, in 2008. It was our home for experimenting with new ways to gather people who can work anywhere. More recently, I co-ran Gathering Summit, a 100% virtual conference with 1,000 registrants and 40 speakers.

    Now, I’m focused on helping people build great cultures in their events, teams, and shared spaces everywhere—yes, even online.

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