Running virtual coworking sessions that are open to the public? Tell us about them!

Over the last few weeks, virtual coworking and other group calls and sessions have been launched all around the world. 

We 💙 seeing how existing communities are using these sessions to keep their members and stakeholders engaged. 

After all virtual coworking is something we’ve been recommending (alongside a strong non-deskspace-related virtual offering, ofcourse) to communities across the globe.

However what’s also awesome is seeing that a whole bunch of communities have also opened up their sessions to the public, getting their brands exposed to new potential customers, partners and supporters.

We figured it would be a great idea to help other humans find amazing, informative and engaging virtual sessions and events.

This should continue helping our partner communities (and any community) engage with humans who may not know about them yet, or may need a tribe, a few friends or some peer-support now, more than ever.

Tell us about your virtual coworking session(s).

Virtual Coworking Events

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