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    Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business can be unpredictable. Nothing may go as you expect, and there will always be a surprise waiting around the corner. And that’s all part of the fun!

    But whilst many of the challenges to your business are out of your control, there are some that you can do something about – by investing in the right insurance.

    Backed by some of the country’s leading insurers, Digital Risks offer a comprehensive insurance, designed especially for fast-growth companies and start-ups, with an emphasis on digital protection for the future.

    We have a range of covers to meet your specific needs:

    • Employers liability which covers work-related injury to your employees and is compulsory insurance if you have any employees. You can face hefty fines from the Health and Safety Executive if you don’t comply.
    • Public liability covers you for moments of clumsiness and will protect you if you or any of your employees cause harm to a member of the public.
    • Office contents covers property owned by the business for fire, theft and accidental damage, while portable equipment insurance covers everything you take out and about with you, including work laptops, mobiles, cameras, and tablets.
    • Professional indemnity is designed for businesses that offer a professional service or advice and covers you if you make a professional mistake and your clients take legal action against you.
    • Cyber security covers breach of data protection laws (where insurable by law), your liability for handling data, extortion, system rectification costs, plus PR expenses and financial loss due to system downtime.
    • Commercial legal protection covers legal costs relating to commercial disputes, up to £100,000, including 24/7 confidential legal advice over the phone on any commercial legal problem or tax matters affecting your business.

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