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Box of “Wonky Fruit” delivered to your desks

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    Want to know the secret to keep your coworkers healthy and happy, whilst also being socially responsible?

    The answer lies in a glorious BOX of fruit!

    A weekly subscription box of wonky and surplus fruits that are just as delicious, to be exact.

    The regular size box contains50 portions of essentials like – Bananas, apples, pears, plums, satsumas and other occasional seasonal items like figs, grapes etc.

    This will usually keep around 10 employees or coworkers happy for a week.

    Why buy from OddBox?

    We are the only provider in London who source surplus and wonky fruits by rescuing these perfectly good produce and delivering them directly to your workspace, helping promote a healthier work environment and helping fight food waste . We call our fruits – Oddbox. An awesome box full of fruity goodness!

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