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Slow Business Adventure festival ticket in Norwegian mountains

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    Heavily discounted 4 day festival ticket with craft beer tasting cruise to the outdoor entrepreneurship festival Slow Business Adventure September 9-12, 2019 in Norway.

    Slow Business Adventure is an international community gathering for founders of small businesses (and one reindeer!) from at least 10 countries with participants from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 

    Learn from world-class keynote speakers like Sonia Simone co-founder of Copyblogger.com, Allie&Regina from Beta & Beyond, Randi Buckley and many more. Discover new adventures. Build meaningful relationships that blows away entrepreneurial loneliness with the mountain breeze. In this company you don´t have to explain again and again “how you make a living online”.

    Come to Slow Business Adventure, and return as an inspired powerhouse brimming with energy, a network of business allies, a clear picture of the way forward – and the knowledge and tools that will get you there.

    Who is it for?

    Join us if you are the founder of a business and use online tools to market, sell or deliver services, experiences or products.

    You are invited whether you identify as a freelancer, small business owner, digital marketer, maker or farmer.

    No matter your title, you are an outdoorsy nature-lover and look at your business as an opportunity to live a more adventurous life.

    How does this event make a difference?

    Propell your business forward with tailor-made opportunities to connect and learn.

    • Our “conference hall” is not noisy and crowded, it´s a national park! Here you can easily find a quiet spot to have a deep conversation – the perfect start for a life-long friendship.

    • The workshops are in small groups of 10-25 people – you get to know the workshop leaders and get real business breakthroughs!

    • The social program is created so that you can make new connections easily because you are sharing experiences, wether it is on a craft beer tasting cruise, hiking, learning outdoor skills or tasting chocolate blindfolded!

    • Everyone – both speakers and attendees – gathers around the campfire at night for honest campfire conversations.

    • We eat together and there are conversation-starters at the tables (if the brown cheese wasn´t enough to get the conversation going).

    It´s networking the Norwegian way, and you will reap the business benefits and treasure the memories for years to come.

    Life is too short for crappy coffee in crowded conference halls.

    The mountains are calling; Let the adventure begin! 

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