Making member perks even more memorable with your brand colors.

Picking the right colors can really help reinforce the values and emotions you’d like your brand to invoke with your members and partners.

Used consistently, a well-picked color scheme can make any campaign, or social media post, instantly recognisable as part of your brand’s story. 

Here’s what Cat Johnson (whose coworking marketing advice inspires hundreds of spaces worldwide) has to say about brand color schemes:

“Being consistent and keeping a color scheme simple means that people can recognize a project or post from two feet away (or mid-scroll)"

Building up the brand equity of each partner community is very important. 

Not only could a strong brand be critical to your sustainability, it also affects the total impact you can make through your members.

It’s also a key reason why we’ve been working towards becoming a completely brandable utility that supports the world’s best business communities.

From today, included Premium partners can request free color-scheme and site-style matching, to make sure that your perks pages look and feel even more on-brand than ever before.

Here’s a small glimpse into some of the changes we’ve begun making for, and with, our partners at Bespoke in San Francisco:

Before After

In the next couple of weeks, more color scheme settings will begin showing in the management dashboards of both included Core and Premium partners around the world.

Can’t tell the difference between CSS, hex and NASA? No problem! 

Our team can provide guidance or take over the whole styling process for Premium partners. 

Together we’ll make sure that your perks program feels and looks expertly branded across your members’ mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

If you’re on included Premium already, just ping support via email or chat to get started. 

If you’re not signed up to included Premium just yet, check out the all the benefits of Premium here

With plans now starting from just $29 p/month, it’s ultra-affordable to upgrade your business benefits program and 10x your membership value.

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