Desks & Memberships on Offer

  • ₹499 per Month

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    Day Pass
    Sits 1

    ₹499 per Day

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    Day Pass
    Sits 1

    ₹6000 per Month

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    Open WorkStation
    Sits 1

    ₹8000 per Day

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    Conference Room
    Sits 20

    ₹12000 per Day

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    Event Space
    Sits 40

    ₹20000 per Month

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    Desk for 4
    Sits 4

    ₹25000 per Month

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    Private Cabin
    Sits 4

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  • Included with Every Desk

    • Air Conditioning
    • Fair Use Printing
    • Free Coffee
    • Free Conference Rooms
    • Maintained Communal Areas
    • Modern Kitchen
    • Storage Cabinet
    • Wired Broadband Internet
    • Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Access to Global included Network
    • Exclusive Perks & Packages

More About this Collective

  • Stirring Minds is equipped with facilities like flexible workspaces, conference/meeting rooms, cafeteria, printing, lounge and event/workshop areas. “We are open 24/7 and provide admin/tech and HR support to our startups and co-workers,”

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    Finding Us

    2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi, 110002, New Delhi, India