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  • ₹2499 per Month

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    Virtual Office Services
    Sits 1
    Getting an address for your business is essential to fortifying yourself as established. A virtual office helps you do that and more. We give you an address to call your own. Opt for the virtual office plan and get started today.

    ₹9499 per Month

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    Flexible Desk
    Sits 1
    You get to pick a delightful spot often enough to help you make muse of your surroundings. Open to occupancy between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday, you can book a hot desk for 5,10 or 15 days, according to your business needs. Just walk-in,get down to business and absorb the happy office vibe floating around.

    ₹11499 per Month

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    Dedicated Desk
    Sits 1
    Your dedication now gets a desk. So you better stock on surplus oil when you want to work through midnights, cause we are giving you 24/7 access to CoWrks. Whether it’s Sunday or May day, you decide your most productive hours, we don’t. Although we don’t want you to sleep yourself to work.

    ₹20999 per Month

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    Private Studios
    Sits 4
    By picking a private studio, you get just the right amount of privacy and space to get your team motivated and get going. What makes work move faster? Well, because you are in a focussed hive of buzzing ideas. With an all glass feel, the private studios have a suave touch to them, but at the same time the privacy of your discussions is not compromised. Your debates and internal jokes remain private in these studios.

  • Included with Every Desk

    • Air Conditioning
    • Fair Use Printing
    • Free Coffee
    • Free Conference Rooms
    • Maintained Communal Areas
    • Modern Kitchen
    • Storage Cabinet
    • Trading Mail Address
    • Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Access to Global included Network
    • Exclusive Perks & Packages

More About this Collective

  • CoWrks is a large format shared office space designed to foster collaboration between a like minded workforce.

    You’ll find art, design and a dynamic atmosphere, all coming together to break the walls of a room that otherwise shackles you into a box

    The CoWrks Collective is a dynamic community of entrepreneurs that believes in making work fun. It includes the likes of Fortune 500 companies, small scale enterprises, startups, freelancers and independent professionals – all coming together to collaborate, network and grow.

    Our calendar spans across educational, recreational and networking events, where entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries – big and small – share brand stories and learn through real experiences. With a diverse member base, we open up possibilities and create a platform where humble beginnings and industry giants rub shoulders.

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    Finding Us

    Building 6A, Ecoworld Tech Park, Outer Ring Road Marathahalli,, 560008, Bangalore, India