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Desks & Memberships on Offer

  • £10 per Day

    Grab Day Pass

    Day Pass
    Sits 1
    Day Desk 9am-5pm

    £30 per Month

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    Virtual Office (including Registered office)
    Sits 1
    Virtual Office (including Registered office)

    £180 per Month

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    Dedicated Desk
    Sits 1
    A full time dedicated desk within the space that comes with all the benefits of a serviced office, but without the price tag.

    £720 per Month

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    Private Workspace
    Sits 4
    A 4 man office that offers a high degree of privacy but with all the benefits of our dedicated desks.

    This Shared space is registered for VAT, which may not be represented in any prices above.

  • Included with Every Desk

    • Fair Use Printing
    • Free Coffee
    • Free Conference Rooms
    • Maintained Communal Areas
    • Modern Kitchen
    • Trading Mail Address
    • Wired Broadband Internet
    • Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Access to Global included Network
    • Exclusive Perks & Packages

More About this Collective

  • The Assembly provides a great opportunity for collaboration. We had such a great time working in a co working office previously, and found it so beneficial, that we wanted to do it ourselves.

    Our needs were simple. We wanted a stylish and attractive space to work in, where we could hold meetings with clients and work in an environment filled with other talented individuals. So this is what we are offering.
    You’ll get your own dedicated desk, fast internet and access to meeting rooms. Not to mention the added benefit of being surrounded with people to whom you can provide your valuable skills and experience and who can do the same for you in return.

    So why not get in touch and see if The Assembly is the right place for your business.
    Included Extras

    The Community

    Scott Dylan

    Steven Crawford

    David Edwards


    David Clee




    Stephanie Wedderburn

    Col Skinner


    Finding Us

    Virginia House, 5 Great Ancoats Street, M4 5AD, Manchester, United Kingdom