Help us bring quality tampons and liners into every coworking space.

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This shouldn’t even be a question. Honestly.

Almost 50% of human beings will have periods. 

Collectively the coworking sector can lead by example, by improving the comfort for over 1,000,000 humans who will cowork this year. 

What’s the challenge?

Over the last 4+ years of working with the passionate leaders and managers of 100s of coworking spaces all around the world, we understand that the challenge is tough, financially.

With increasing local competition, lower membership fees and higher rent demands from landlords there’s an argument to be had for saying “unfortunately, there’s no budget for that”

So, what’s the plan?

And so, we’re working on deals that will make it feasible for coworking spaces (both large and small) to stock the hygiene products that are necessary to ensure that these humans can work as comfortably as possible, 100% of the time.

Our goal is to leverage our network reach and aggregate buying-power to broker ‘group-buying’ deals that span across each of the 60+ countries we support coworking communities in. 

By making these essential products available at bulk buying rates, whilst ensuring that they’re of a high quality and are eco-friendly, we aim to help coworking spaces lead the charge in making all workspaces a little more comfortable every day. 

So, how can you help?

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