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    Ever wanted to something for your business but didn’t know where to start?

    Maybe you wanted to build your website but didn’t know what notices you’d legally need to include…

    Maybe you wanted to hire some support, but didn’t know the rules around hiring employees versus freelancers…

    Perhaps you wanted to get an invoice paid, but didn’t know the best way to chase the client or whether you were legally entitled to charge late-payment interest…

    Or perhaps you wanted to ensure you had a solid contract in place – but didn’t know how to create such a contract…

    There are a huge number of scenarios in business that can cause even the savviest and skilful of business owners to pause…

    …and that’s why Farillio has been built – to help you get the legal knowledge and documents you need to help you achieve the ambitions you have for your business.

    With Farillio, you can…

    • create, share, edit, sign, duplicate and store legal documents with confidence – using our collaborative, predictive and secure document editor, with built-in expert guidance

    • get expert answers to your questions, without hefty fees – from our expert partners who can give you rapid advice and check your documents on a pay-as-you-go basis
    • access jargon-free guidance 24/7 – with our how-to video soundbites and tutorials, checklists, infographics and easy-read guides, all accessible through your mobile-friendly dashboard

    Take a look around Farillio for free, and see what you can discover about making your business’ next big ambitions happen!

    • Solution offered by Farillio

      Making law fast, simple and affordable for small . . . businesses across the UK – Farillio joins the dots between your business ambitions and the legal steps it takes to achieve them.
      From getting started and making sales to business growth and building a team, Farillio has you covered.
      After all, no one starts a business to spend hours a day delving into business law.
      And now you don’t need to.
      It’s an online legal platform built to help SMES go far – enabling you to navigate your business adventure confidently, simply and safely with legal guides, templates, step-by-step checklists, video tutorials and access to a team of friendly experts when you need them.
      And it doesn’t stop with law…
      Farillio joins the dots between law and every other aspect of running your business: marketing, sales, PR, finance, HR, accounting, and so much more…
      And a simple-to-navigate dashboard provides a secure place to keep all of your business’ documents – whether they’ve been created, signed and stored directly on Farillio, or whether you’ve uploaded them yourself – giving you 24/7 access to the tools needed to make your business go far.

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