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    LawTrades is a platform built with small businesses and startups in mind. We connect businesses of all sizes to independent, vetted attorneys that operate independent law practices all throughout the United States.

    We think that traditional law firms are expensive, inefficient and their incentives are not aligned with what entrepreneurs are looking for. To solve this, we’ve assembled a network of top tier attorneys that are invested in our mission and strive to improve a stellar experience which rival the biggest law firms on the planet.

    For members of included communities, we’ve opened up our services and are offering free consultations on all legal matters (in the United States) pertaining to:

    • Intellectual property
    • Corporate governance
    • Securities
    • Employment law
    • Employment based immigration
    • On-going legal counsel
    • Staffing services for companies and law firms that need on-going legal services

    Chat with a lawyer today about your legal issues, if there’s a good fit – you can continue to work with them through our streamlined platform that helps you manage your legal projects.

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